ONLINE in JULY: Write Your Non-Fiction Book in Only 4 Weeks! @ Your Computer
Jul 5 @ 5:00 pm – Jul 26 @ 8:15 pm

Are you writing Non-Fiction? Would you like to write Non-Fiction? How would you like to write a book FAST? Really fast? How would you like to

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Dates: July 5, 12, 19, 26


You can and the reality of today’s Non-Fiction market is getting a book out there, in the hands of your ideal reader. It could be for business development, labeling yourself as the go-to expert, gathering media attention. The landscape is yours.

Get ready for a session over four weeks on writing and how to create a book that isn’t a tome. Judith Briles is the author of 33 books and counting. Known as The Book Shepherd, she has guided hundreds of books from start to finish and on to winning awards, multiple printings delivering the fulfillment of the vision of her many clients. Her published work has been with both traditional and the indie worlds winning multi-awards and combined sales exceeding one million copies. Judith’s books have ranged from the 400-page Zapping Conflict in the Health Care Workplace to the most recent 96-page The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors and Writers. She will cover:

  • How to hone in on your topic and title.
  • Why short is the new black.
  • Could your book be a series?
  • What parts are vital to your topic, vision and work?                                                                               sheepie guy write
  • The pitfalls you will run into and how to circumvent them.
  • Social media assists.
  • Author media hiccups and how to avoid.
  • How to mind-map fast and get started
  • Could your book be a series?
  • What are the must-have elements?
  • Did you include any “filler” material in already published book?
  • Is there anything within a current book that is more ego driven than essential content?
  • What parts are vital to your topic, work and vision?
  • Are you able to let go and dump (or save for the next book).

    “OMG,” you are thinking. “This is an impossible task!” “Not so,” says Judith, “it’s actually fun and eye-opening. Is it work? Yes. Does it pay off? Oh my, it’s a yes again. How does an author achieve this feat? Start by brutally cutting words … get ready to cut your book in half. With Judith as your guide and mentor, your mission is doable.  

    Eliminate the Superflous Parts and Create the Best Book You Can for Your Buyer

    Your books are BUSINESS. There isn’t a book out that doesn’t have some fluff—filler material that is nice to have, yet not crucial to the storyline, your expertise or solution to the underlying theme of your book. With short being the new black, brutal becomes part of your vocabulary. Brutal. The word cutting room is at your fingertips. To be successful, you’ve got to be willing and able to cut.

    What you’ll have when you’re finished is a far better product than that gangly, over-wordy to me you started with. Trust me. It might just have the makings of a bestseller!

You will have PRE-work, Work in session and Home Work for the next session. Remember, the goal is to get the book done. Sessions will be recorded for review. You will also get a 30 minute one-on-one consult with Judith … before, during or post the online course–your choice. 

This class is limited in size due to the intense workshop with coaching throughout.

Are you ready to make an investment in YOU and YOUR forthcoming book? For only $397 if you sign up by Early Bird date, your book will be ready for editing. Judith has arranged for a book designer to create your cover and interior design for $500 … then the choice is yours. Do you get a print bid, which she’s glad to put it out for bid for you at no cost, or do you want to upload into a universal POD distribution, such as (recommended over CreateSpace)? You have choices on how to get and deliver a book … how cool is that!


Authors are talking …

This class was beyond expectation! 
Wes Wollenweber

I got more done in a month than I‘ve done in the past year. I’m ready to complete editing and move to layout.  
Philippa Burgess

I already see myself as a well-established author. I can even feel and hold a copy of my first book. I see it hitting the market by storm.  
Dan Taylor

This class kickstarted my Inner Author into gear—out of Stagnant Author.

                                                                          – Francesca Starr

I’ve had a book in my head for years, but never wrote it because I didn’t know where to begin.  Judith Briles solved my problem.  Her class – How to Write a Book in Four Weeks – walked me through every step of the process, which enabled me to start and finish my business book during the summer of 2015.  Judith’s experience, knowledge and encouragement gave me the courage I needed to put pen to paper.  My book would not be going to print this fall if it wasn’t for Judith, so I highly recommend her as your guide, mentor, biggest cheerleader and book shepherd.   She’s one of a kind.
Jill Christensen


Judith Briles’ class, “How to Write a Book in Four Weeks,” is truly amazing. It sounds so impossible until she shares her knowledge and tricks she has acquired after years of writing so many books on various subjects. She is not selfish in sharing her vast knowledge with her quick wit and amusing stories. Not only can Judith walk the walk but she can talk the talk, churning out highly successful books quickly. Sharing tips from helpful websites, quick ways to set up your chapters and be able to easily change them around, to great computer programs to keep your book all together. Judith is my muse. When I get out of one of her classes I am ready to rush home and try out all of her new ideas and keeping the momentum going. You’d be surprised how quickly a book can come together with a little help from Judith Briles. Try it, you’ll be glad you did.

Disa Van Orman, Author
My Loved One Shines On! A Gift from Beyond

Thank you for a great course, it has launched me into a whole new world I never expected.  I love, love, love the support and brainstorming.  

Nancy Laney, 2016


YES, YES, YES! Sign me up for only $397

Your Commitment? 4 consecutive Wednesday from 5:00 to 7.30 p.m.  (this is Mountain time) … 6 Eastern, 5 Central, 3 Pacific
Where: your desktop … you will get a notice for each sign in from GoToWebinar. All sessions will be recorded for post review.
Your Cost? only $397 per person.




Judith Briles SPEAKING Unplugged 2017 @ Radisson Hotel SE Denver
Nov 10 – Nov 11 all-day


Would you like to know how powerful you, your book and experiences are and how they can influence and change others one word at a time? Would you like to turn your book, your ideas, your mouth into a business that creates a lifestyle woven with travel, fun, global friends and financial success?

You can with the smart and savvy strategies, you will reveal in this interactive and fun intensive workshop. With over 35 years of speaking on the platform, Dr. Judith Briles will show you how to become a successful professional speaker … a speaker that will soar your book sales. Since the 80s, speaking has been her #1 way to sell books … over 1,000,000 of them!

Would you like to turn the book you have or are creating into a money machine that cements your expertise and authoring success?

Would you be willing to trade just TWO days to get all the how-to and strategies from someone who spent over 35 years on the speaking platform … someone who generated in excess of $5,000,000 in combined speaking fees and book sales that will be generated directly from speaking gigs? You can …

Your guide and mentor for these 2 awesome days is Dr. Judith Briles, the author 35 books, publishing expert and radio host.

November 10-11, 2017 will change your authoring life

Experience two days of Judith … no pitches, just Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged delivering an amazing depth of speaking and marketing information that she has derived from her 30 plus years as a professional speaker that has taken her to 12 countries—from Finland to Brazil and all 50 states.

Are you ready to create the speech that will get you booked and re-booked … get the answers to the questions you have … all of them? Judith is the master book publishing coach and guide.

Reserve Your Spot NOW
for 2 Colorful Brain-Jammed Days, including meals.

  • How to develop your topic … start with your book then expand
    to create a portfolio of options for meeting planners to select from or add on to an already booked gig.
  • How to structure your speech or create a workshop … one that is uniquely you and will make you the buzz of any conference.
  • How to identify your key points … and hook in the right story, activity or exercise to engage your audience.
  • How to create stories based on your life experiences that will engage an audience … that can have them rolling in the aisles or shedding a tear.
  • How to tie in current events with your presentation … create a local hook that will connect with attendees.
  • How to know when to use multi-media … and what to do if it goes wrong.
  • How to structure your first words … whether it’s a story, statistics, an event connected with the group or something else—tips on how to instantly connect with any audience.
  • How to create a memorable closing … that will leave your audience laughing, crying or thinking—but never just leaving them.
  • How to avoid the Blunders, Bloopers, and Boo-Boos  that most speakers—newbies and old-timers make.
  • How to identify and create your Unique Selling Pitch to any meeting planner … what will make you shine and rise above the speaker crowd?
  • How to create the visuals to enhance your presentationaudiences are visible—you will learn how to use cartoons, words and essential elements to spark up any presentation.
  • How to deal with snafus and presentations that aren’t working … it happens; not every audience is ideal or presentation perfect.
  • How to find groups that want your message … and will enthusiastically cheer for you and want you back.
  • How to move from free to fee … and make a living by using your words and your mouth.
  • How to negotiate contracts … and get “soft money” for no fee gigs.
  • How to create your “unique” position … work with a SWOT Analysis designed for you and your book.
  • How to create an AWESOME Speaker-Book One-Sheet 
    you need one that shouts you out … it’s brag time to hook meeting planners and attendees.



Registration Options


  • If you want to open up your creativity channels … you will love the exercises Judith walks everyone through.

  • If you want to create a speech that uses the key elements of your book and expertise … you will learn insider tips on how to and how to niche yourself into “your” market.

  • If you want to be Pitch Perfect … it’s the way to sell your book, and few authors succeed. You will now.

  • If you want to master social media tricks that will allow you to breathe … you will learn and see exactly how to create a life beyond your computer. Judith selects several books of attendees and will demonstrate and position them for a marketing blitz you won’t believe in front of your eyes!

  • If want to know tricks of the social media marketing whirlwind … you will learn which platforms work best for which books and how to drill down into them.

  • If you haven’t done a Speaking GamePlan around your book, you will (or will revisit what you thought your GamePlan was) … and discover amazing “ahas” along the way about both You and Your Book.

  • If you want to make serious money as an author, you will come away with the how-to strategies that are doable.

  • If you stumble along on how to pitch yourself, you won’t any longer–tips and techniques plus create the ideal script to roll out who and what you will bring to participants at events in less than 30 seconds.

  • If you want “e” shortcuts to use for your speaking marketing, you will get plenty of fast-track tips to use.

  • If … what are your “IFs”? … there will be hot seats throughout.  

    Those who are registered by September 11th not only get a discount, they will be “entered” into a drawing that will allow 5 attendees to take the hot seat and get immediate laser coaching. How cool is that?


 is not just another conference where you sit in your seat and take notes—expect extraordinary high interaction, plenty of “to-do” Activities—you will not only listen and hear Dr. Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd, you will immediately implement what she says. Judith believes in feeding your brain and your belly—you will be fed.

 What it is, is your next, next step to authoring success.
Be there. You and Your Book can’t afford not to be.

Call Judith, determine if this is the “right fit” for you and your book now. Call 303-885-2207 or email Don’t delay.



Registration Options

Register now by calling 303-885-2207 or 303-585-1969 — get the EARLY Bird pricing of $547 by September 11th … why not commit now and pay a little each quarter? Rates will increase on September 12, 2017. Judith has a payment plan if desired, just call the office at 303-885-2207.


In other words,
your life as an author will morph.

Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged delivers extraordinary high interaction, plenty of “to-do” Activities and Hot Seats—

you will not only listen and hear The Book Shepherd, you will immediately implement what she says. As the author of 35 books (3 more are in the works!), many best-selling and award-winning, she has presented to audiences as small as 16 and as large as 5,000.

It is your next, next step to credibility and speaking success.

If that’s your goal, be there. You and Your Book can’t afford not to. Save these two days in 2017:
November 10 – 11 days that will change your author life. Who better to captain your journey than Author and Publishing Expert, Dr. Judith Briles?

Early Bird Registration ends on September 11, 2017 … your cost is $547  … it increases $450 on September 12th to $997 – additional registrations with the same party are $397 up to September 11th and $797 until October 31st.

If you are a Last Minute registrant, you will pay $1,297 … that means from November 1st until Judith Briles Speaking Unplugged starts.

BONUS: On Friday, there will be complimentary neck and shoulder massages throughout the day.

All meals during sessions included PLUS extensive detailed workbook.

Location and Hotel Reservations: 
Radisson Hotel Denver SE, 3155 S. Vaughn Way, Aurora CO 80014

Colorado … our Falls are spectacular in Colorado and most likely, snow won’t be a factor in Denver. Call 800-967-9033 for the Judith Briles’ Unplugged rate of $105 vs. online rate of $149. Call 800-967-9033 now and use Code: 1706 Author

OR  Book online:

  1.      Go to
  2.      Input arrival and departure dates
  3.      Click on more search options and input promo code: AUTHOR
  4.      Hit the search button and your special rate will appear!

If you are FLYING: Denver International Airport (DIA-Denver) is your destination.

Workshop Times: 8:30 to 4:30 each day. On the 1st night–Thursday, there is an after session reception that is a great schmooze and noshing time.



Registration Options

Register now by calling 303-885-2207 or 303-585-1969 — get the EARLY Bird pricing of $547 by September 11th … why not commit now and pay a little each quarter? Rates will increase on September 12, 2017.  Judith has a payment plan if desired, just call the office at 303-885-2207.


Cancellation Policy: No Refunds after October 1st. Prior to that, there will be a $200 cancellation fee.