The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? The Credibility Factor

Why should you write a book? Let me continue to count the ways:

#2 Your book creates The Credibility Factor. Creating a book with substance and quality says reams about whom and what you are. You’ve done the research; you’ve done a study; you’ve done the interviews; you’ve written a story that the reader falls into; you’ve written with delightful humor; you’ve painted a palette of words with the eye of an artist … you’ve created a work that says you’re the one to go to … whether it’s just a story to dive into; a source for solutions; or a read to share with a child. The Credibility Factor is a true badge of honor.
If you want to make your mark, increase your presence, become a media expert, a sought after speaker or consultant, or simply reinvent yourself, a book can be your best friend.

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