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It’s Under the Publishing Sun Time! Many in the AuthorU community are basking in the Caribbean sun under the Publishing at Sea umbrella this week. You might want to explore what they are up to throughout this week on their fully tax-deductible working vacation—over 20 ours of classroom plus playing in Puerto Rico, St. Maarten and St. Kits. Joan Stewart (  and Judith Briles  (  will be blogging regularly on their personal blogs sharing a variety of tips and aha strategies that the six members of the faculty unfold during the week. Don’t forget to ask Judith, Nick, Joan and Kelly about the outrageous cooking class they took on St. Kitts. Next year’s dates are already set: January 21-28. Updated info with all the details, itinerary and faculty will be posted soon on

Don’t miss this week’s podcast: Finding the Author’s Funny Bone
(lead in for BookCamp on March 4th and 5th  —  Comedy genius Steve Kaplan provides plenty of tips to get your funny DNA activated and engaged in your writing. Don’t miss it.

In February, AuthorU will be exploring book marketing on a shoestring budget and essential strategies for using Twitter to add to your branding, expertise, and marketing. Details are on the website. Get signed up.

Get REGISTERED for February Saturday Mornings meeting to either attend In-Person or get the Video post the event. EARLY BIRD ends on January 28th. When we have a program based here, you can still attend at your convenience. Just register. You will get the video post the program plus any handouts.

THIS IS A WOW coming to AuthorU. DO NOT miss the Comedy BookCamp in March You will learn savvy techniques to peel off boring writing in a blog, article, book, screenplay, your pitching, your presentations. No matter how dark a topic, adding a tinge of humor can help deliver the message. We have a true master coming in for the Comedy BookCamp in March. It’s Early Bird time—get registered now.

Have you been listening to the variety of radio shows offered this month? Don’t miss out … this month we have shows on how to use a Virtual Assistant; How to use Twitter for Book Marketing; How to Do Book Marketing on a ShoeString Budget; Essential Tips for Using Comedy in Your Writing–for Fiction and NonFiction; and How to Really Brag. 

Are you an “old” BASIC member? You now have a new name: Novella! AND, if you convert to “GOLD”, one of you will win a seat at the March Comedy BookCamp. How cool is that?

Most of the key dates are set up for 2017 for AuthorU Put a HOLD on the FIRST Saturday of every month. The Extravaganza will be September 7-9. BookCamp has an extended second day in March for anyone who is craving the path to the screenplay around “the book” … details below.


 Don’t forget … order videos and CDs from this year’s amazing Extravaganza.




ONLINE COACHING EVERY MONDAY FOR OUR MEMBERS! Got questions you need immediate answers to? call into Monday’s Author Mentoring Mondays with Judith Briles and Michele DeFlippo. Every Monday except for Federal Holidays, they are live online to help you out. The phone number to call is 218-632-9854, access code 1239874444 #. As a GOLD or BEST SELLER member of AuthorU are you checking out the new benefits on the website? You need to login to get them. We suggest you change and personalize your password so only you know it. The time is 12 Eastern, 11 Central, 10 Mountain, 9 Pacific. 

NOTE—on Federal Holidays—we take it off.  Enjoy the day.


Think of the weekly radio show as a CE event: continuing education. Listen in “live” on Thursdays at 6 ET or go to the Homepage and click on the ON THE AIR icon … you will have at your fingertips the latest show as well as access to 350 others. This past week, Viveka von Rosen and Judith gave a “sneak preview” of Saturday’s upcoming “hot” Morning Program (GET REGISTERED), available on the AuthorU website via the On the Air image on the Home page … You can subscribe via iTunes here: 

Each week, there is a new show—no re-runs or repeats. Make it a habit and tune into the latest in what’s happening and changing in publishing along with takeaways of strategies that will add to your success quotient.

Reminder: ALL AuthorU GOLD members … Use the LOG IN MEMBER AREA
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Our phone # is: 720-588-9838 and email: … please add them to your contacts and records.

The Extravaganza is the ideal place and time to meet Face-to-Face over 30 publishing service providers: your printers, designers, bookstore owners, social media experts, website designers, editors and so much more. And so much more. Attend … Connect … Succeed   Dates in 2017 are September 7-9—get them blocked on your calendar NOW.



1   YES indeed, it’s time to get registered for the February 4th meeting … don’t wait unless you want to pay more.

It’s another Double Header: Marketing Your Books with a Shoestring Budget and Creating Thunder Using Social Media


REGISTER NOW … costs go up on the January 28th.           

Have you experience dread when thinking or talking about using social media venues to sell our books? Yet, as authors, we need to break through these fears in order to sell our books, attract future readers and influence the media. Attend this event to learn about ways to blast through your phobias, sell your books faster and build the number of followers (aka potential readers). 

1  How You Can “Create a Thunder” to Sell Your Book

After spending a year working on my book, I proudly held the physical proof in my hand. As I began planning the official book launch, I was introduced to a cool online marketing tool that helped me achieve a broader reach – broader than I could have ever imagined.

This cost-effective marketing tool helps you “create a thunder” as your announcement travels across social networks. It resulted in my book having a social reach of more than 1.4 million viewers and ranking in Amazon’s Top 10.

The good news? You can do this too when launching your book!

  • Create a buzz around your book before it launches.
  • Amplify your message across social media.
  • Build your social reach without asking your network to dip into their wallets.
  • Launch a thunderous online campaign in 3 simple steps.
  • Design an attention-grabbing graphics even if you’re not an artist.

2   Increasing Sales through Twitter

Looking to increase book sales through the use of social media, more specifically, Twitter? We will start with the basics & learn the language of Twitter. Building a Twitter Tribe is key to increasing your exposure on the platform, we will walk through engagement and follower tips & tools. As with all marketing, you need a plan, learn how to create a winning content & engagement strategy for Twitter to help you increase your online sales.

  • Twitter Talk – Learning the Language
  • Building Your Twitter Tribe
  • Creating a Winning Strategy for Twitter
  • Twitter Tips & Tools
  • Increasing Sales through Twitter

Bonus  Dissolve Social Media Blocks—Yes, Really!

  • Identify what scares you most
  • Picture your “why”
  • Use 3 sentences to change the picture and dissolve the blocks

Details on the Website … register to attend in person or get the video and handouts post Saturday. 

REGISTER NOW … costs go up on the January 28th.           


2  March 4th and/or March 5th AND a BIG THUMBS UP to this awesome event and opportunity. Wouldn’t you want to be taught by; mentored by; and spend a day with one of the top comedy writers in the world. We mean, would you love to laugh and learn at the same time? After all, if Steve Kaplan is good enough to write for and work with Actors Jack Black, Oliver Platt, and Nathan Lane … sure, you are too!

What did the producers of hit comedies Seinfeld and Everyone Loves Raymond do to goose up lines? Get comedy genius Steve to fix them pronto.

What can you do to enhance your writing so that it engages readers, builds fans, and adds to any presentation you make in person?
Attend AuthorU’s BookCamp in March.

Get ready to learn from the outrageous Hollywood comedy writer Steve Kaplan in March –in person or post event via video.

We have another DOUBLE HEADER BOOKCAMP in March!

March 4 … Sharpen up your writing with Hollywood’s premier comedy writer.
March 5 … Learn tips and tricks to transform your work to the big screen.


A very special BookCamp is coming your way with comedy writer, trainer, author and mentor to the inside club of Hollywood’s entertainers is coming to AuthorU and Denver. Steve Kaplan is bringing the Comedy Intensive to us … you will learn tips and tricks on how to humor up your writing when appropriate; how to engage an audience when speaking that you’ve never thought about; and so much more.

Get ready for a dynamic duo: The Comedy Writing Intensive BookCamp: 2 Workshops for Authors, Writers and Screenwriters. Attend one day … or both. Your choice … you choose.

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story, a comedy screenplay, working on a sitcom script, or producing or directing a comedy film, Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert when it comes to comedy. From the industry’s top stars to first-time comedy writers producers directors and performers, Steve Kaplan has worked with and developed the best.

The proven and practical methods and principles contained in his famed Comedy Intensive course reveals the hidden tools and principles that help you understand comedy from the inside out. If you went to Steve, you would pay $395 for this course (plus air, plus food, plus hotel). AuthorU is bring the amazing, outrageous and hilarious Steve Kaplan and the Hollywood factor to you … and you can sleep in your own bed.

Don’t miss this … Register Now! Early Bird ends on February 8th. Now!                                              

SEATS: Space is allowed for ONLY 40 attendees … register EARLY for this one.                                                                                            

Saturday, March 4th … Comedy Author Writing Intensive and Prose

Whether you’re writing a comic novel or just want to inject more humor into your prose, your books, your speeches … this all day workshop will open avenues you never envisioned.

Steve Kaplan is a master in Hollywood comedy and will delve into the sometimes elusive art of writing comedy. He’ll will explore this potent and popular form by distilling its basic principles, bringing them into th3e lingo and jargon you get … and can use. Combining hands-on writing exercises with story analysis and other interactive activities, this one-day event will help you find your own comic voice and offer guidelines on how to write humor with confidence, honesty and clarity. 

Here’s Steve on Why Most Romantic Comedies Suck

Sunday, March 5th … Comedy Intensive for Screenwriters (and Screenwriters-to-be), Performers and Filmmakers

  • How do you write funny?
  • How do you act funny?
  • How do you direct funny?
  • How do you be funny?

Get ready to deep-dive and discover the hidden tools and principles of comedy

  • whatcomedy is,
  • howit works, 
  • why it works,
  • what’shappening when it’s not working
  • what you can do tofix it,

Your take-aways include proven and practical methods and principles. The workshop includes exercises, solo and group writing activities, as well as a liberal use of clips from current and classic comedies to illustrate our points and principles. It’s a very interactive experience, and we tend to laugh. A lot!

Get ready to alter your thinking, your style and your outcomes!

Don’t miss this … Register Now!                                              

TIME: 8.30 to 4.30 includes lunch each day

WHERE: CADA – Colorado Automobile Dealers Assn, 290 E Speer Blvd., Denver CO

3  Lot’s happening in radio land with AuthorU … here’s the lineup for this month:

January 26th                    6 pm. Eastern, 4 Mountain
Finding the Author’s Funny Bone

(lead in for BookCamp on March 4th and 5th

February 2nd            6 pm. Eastern, 4 Mountain
Author Success Strategies



4   Your VIDEOS are available 

The post conference information on purchasing CDs and DVDs of the conference sessions.  To order, go to the NCRS website at and on the list at the right of conferences, choose Author U. I would suggest you get the entire package at the discount. The evals from this Extravaganza were the BEST of all. Get them are learn.