Blogging Isn’t Going Away

Blogging isn’t going away. It’s tweaking, getting more refined and polished. So is Twitter-a mini-mini blog, that forces you to keep whatever messages you write to 140 characters including spacing—I think of a good tweak as a ruthless edit. A blog can be long or short—some are full-blown articles; others tidbits. Let yours vary. Probe other blogs that cover your topics—study them. Does the blog owner quote other blogs, articles, authors, experts, link to other blogs, allow for comments or have guest bloggers?

For authors, becoming a fan of another’s blog, may just open up a new world to you. Making comments creates name recognition (your name is part of your brand—never forget that); and if the blog owner likes what you say, you just may be invited to do a guest blog or two, or three. Your wise words now reach many who you might never have touched. It’s the way of the viral world. Get to know it, you just might love it!

4 Comments on Blogging Isn’t Going Away

  1. ameenah says:

    Great info! I have published a book. Need to start blogging or twitting,still warming up to it

  2. Thank you for this post. I started a blog in order to have immediate possibility to share my writing. Writing is my hobby and of course I hope to publish some day. Blogging opened another possibility to me: to make friends. A now friend (whom I only know through e-mails) has discovered and liked my blog and this is how our fresh but very lively and nice friendship began.

  3. The Book Shepherd says:

    Victoria … your book may indeed be in your blogs … many have birthed this way … keep at it!

  4. The Book Shepherd says:

    Do start blogging … don’t make them long, otherwise you will end up sabotaging your own efforts because it becomes an effort. Remember the 4 C’s–Consistent (if you are going to do it on Mondays, then Mondays it is), Content (rich and interesting/useful info), Commitment (by you to do it), no Crap (leave the garbage posts to others).

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