The Author’s Ark
Mar 5 @ 1:00 am – 2:30 am


Welcome to:  The Author’s Ark with Judith Briles … Surviving and Thriving in the Flood of Authoring and Publishing Coaching Groups … It’s an ARK .. a gathering of individuals who not only want to survive … they want to go forth and thrive and multiply what they do.

Author's Ark

Your Commitment: only $497 per month … and only 12 participants may be in any one group with a minimum commitment of three months. You will complete a questionnaire before the first Ark.

Throughout the year, Judith will post a combination of Webinars, Group Coaching and One-on-One Coaching all in one package. These will be found under the Events tab on website.

1 – Two Webinars per month will be designed just for you to watch/listen to at your convenience, including (but definitely not limited to):

1. How to Create a Book Celebration
2. How to Create Your Book or Personal Pitch
3. How to Create the Platform for Your Book
4. How to Design a Speech around Your Expertise or Your Book that Doesn’t Suck
5. How to Create a Crowdfunding Campaign
6. How to Create a Podcast Show
7. How to Turn Your Book into a Business and Transition from Just Author to Business Publisher
8. How to Set Up Your Amazon Accounts
9. How to ID which Social Media Platforms will Work for You and Your Book
10. How to Put Sanity into Social Media Positioning
11. How to Create a Group on LinkedIn, Grow and Moderate It
12. How to Create a Community on Google+, Grow and Moderate It
13. How to Master Media and Get Yourself on TV, Radio and Visible
14. How to Create a Fast and Cheap Book Trailer
15. How to Create Infographics to Harvest and Position Your Expertise and Book
16. How to Create an Author or Speaker One-Sheet
17. How to Position or Reposition Your Brand
18. How to Use Twitter to Market You and Your Book
19. How to Create an Amazon Best Seller Campaign
20. How to Create a GamePlan for Your Book from the Beginning (and what to do if you hadn’t)
21. How to Create a Book Proposal if You Plan to Sell Your Book to NY
22. How to Identify which Book Awards to Enter and What to Do When You Get One
23. How to Create a Press / Media Release
24. How to Create a Media Kit
25. How to Create a Speaker Meeting Planner Kit

2 – Cheat Sheets  … will be created for each of the Webinars featured in the month for your exclusive use.  Value: $300 for the monthly Webinars and Cheat Sheets

3 – Group Open Mic Call … this is slated in the beginning of each month in the early evening and will be recorded for those who can’t make the live call-Judith will always moderate this.  A survey will be taken of all participants to ensure that the first call will be scheduled to have maximum participation by all. Value: $300

4 – One-on-One Laser Coaching with Judith you will have a time that is set up to have a phone call, Skype or conference in Judith’s office in Colorado of one hour each month.  Value: $300

I’m excited … are you Game to take you and your book to the next, next level? If yes, email me NOW and let me know that you want to have a guaranteed place on The Author’s Ark with Judith Briles.

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FREE Webinar: Pick Judith’s Brain … How to Create Your Author Success and Action Plans
Dec 28 @ 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm

Pick My Brain …  Create Your Author Success and Action Plans

When was the last time you really put together a strategy for your Author Success? How about an Action Plan to encourage, moderate and measure it? 
In this information, jam-packed and how-to session, The Book Shepherd Judith Briles has created a variety of tools to move you forward. 

  • Revisit and Energize your Author and Book Platforms.
  • Declutter your Mental and Physical Space to your making … not someone else’s.
  • Fine tune what works for you in Social Media and Dump what doesn’t.
  • Recenter, Repurpose andRejuvenate you and your vision. 

And, of course, much more. 

Choose either:
Tuesday, Dec 27 at 10 am  or  Wednesday, Dec 28  at 2 pm
(if you can’t attend live, you must register to get the replay)  

Register now:

This is just Judith and her end of the year and the beginning of a new one gift just for you. Bring your questions–she’s with you until they are answered. 

Dr. Judith Briles is a book publishing expert, a multi-award winning and bestselling author of 35 books. Her publishing books include How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers and Boo-Boos, The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers, Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers and Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms. Judith has guided thousands through the book publishing process.

She’s the Founder of and is known as The Book Shepherd. Her books and her mouth have generated in excess of $5,000,000 in revenues and taken her from Oprah to GMA to CNN to Time to People to the Wall Street Journal and she has survived the National Enquirer. Her websites are,, and Catch her each Monday morning for her free book coaching.




Get ready for the Author Marathon Webinar Derby! We have a FULL WEEK of goodies for you …
Jan 2 @ 9:30 am – 11:30 am

Get ready to receive the Perfect Gift for yourself; your book, your authoring success all week!

This week, and this week only, the AuthorU Elves have picked the best of the best … an exclusive one time only Re-run of our top Webinars with their discounted offerings on ‘live’ through New Year’s Day. It’s an Author Marathon Webinar Derby!

From now until midnight on January 1, you have the opportunity to listen and view each any time, any day, a total of 7 excellent information packed webinars.

Join Judith Briles as she hosts Joan Stewart for Soaring with a Hot Media Kits and Creating Press Kits that Hook the Media’s Eye; Amy Collins for Getting Your Book into Libraries and Selling to Independent Book Stores; Daniel Hall with the How-tos of Creating High Profit Info Products and Morphing Your Book to Say Hello Hollywood; and Kathy Meis’ Bublish Delight.

Below is the link to each Webinar Replay. Remember: all are available from now through midnight January 1 … then they go away.

From Joan Stewart,





Creating Press Kits that Hook the Media’s Eye July 20 Replay page:
Soaring with a Hot Media Kits June 8 Replay page:

From Kathy Meis,





Bublish Delight

Note to all: The code date at the end of the webinar on the slides has been reactivated and will carry the January 1 deadline.

From Amy Collins,





Getting Your Book into Libraries

Selling to Independent Book Stores

From Daniel Hall









How-tos of Creating High Profit Info Products

Morphing Your Book to Say Hello Hollywood or


30 Sizzling HOT Publishing, Marketing & PR Tips
Jul 11 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Join us for a webinar on Jul 11, 2017 at 4:00 PM MDT.

Register now! 

On Tuesday, July 11th (4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET) … 30 awesome and Hot Publishing Ahas and Tips from six amazing publishing pros: Judith Briles, Joan Stewart, Rebecca Finkel, Kelly Johnson, Mara Purl and Amy Collins. Plus we always throw in a few more that you won’t want to miss! 

What author and writer don’t want savvy insider tips and ahas on publishing, publicity, PR, book marketing, making money on your book and the latest awesome gizmos and gadgets authors can use? 

Don’t bother to pop the popcorn–you won’t have time to eat it–you will be taking notes like crazy! 

AND … Make sure you register even if you can’t attend the LIVE presentation … you will automatically get the replay the next day. 

Get it on your calendar: 
TUESDAY, July 11th (4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET) 

Note: your registration will add your name and email to our blog list.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

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Snap…Crackle…POP…Succeed at the April Author Cornucopia Book Camp
Apr 14 @ 8:00 am – 4:30 pm

It’s an Author Cornucopia Book Camp

(early bird registration ends April 1)



Saturday, April 14, 2018
8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.

Snap … Crackle … Pop … Succeed

Snap . . . your head around to face forward into your success.

Crackle . . . with confidence so your brag grabs your audience.

Pop . . . your events, branding, messaging to grab your audience.

Succeed . . . with tech wizardry to implement every idea.


What do books, libraries, administrative assistants and getting organized all have in common? APRIL…all are recognized with various holidays and celebrations during this month. Come to this year’s cornucopia of ideas, strategies, tips and tricks to move your book success and author life forward. We promise, you will love this April day, designed just for you!

It’s a jammed-packed day with five extraordinary experts in a variety of areas—all areas every author should be snapping, crackling, popping with for author and book success. Get ready to learn and implement new strategies and tools with:

Judith Briles
Whether an author publishes with a traditional publisher, an indie or self-publisher, it’s the author who is responsible for the majority of book marketing. That means you. Your book is a product that needs to know and reach out to its potential buyer. You can’t snap without a marketable book; you can’t crackle without the know-how to push it, and you won’t pop unless you become the #1 cheerleader. And, you can’t have success without all three.

Susie Scott
You love the written word … how about the verbal one? A video can make your words crackle and pop in the eyes and ears of the viewer. Stunning graphics can accent your main points as they appear on the screen and stunning exits can pop them as they leave. Videos are sizzling hot for all ages…have you got yours ready?

Jeannette Seibly
When you talk about yourself and your books…do you sound like you’re bragging? To snap, crackle and pop awake your audiences require bragging in a business savvy manner. But there’s a knack to it. Find out how to brag effectively!

Mara Purl
What’s your THEME? Drill down until you find your aquifer: your pure, distilled message. Then what? Build your branding, your messaging, and your events from there: structure, form, slogan, takeaways, social media messaging, website style, and all-important event planning!

Kelly Johnson
Now that you know how to snap . . . crackle . . . and pop . . . how will you DO all that needs to be done to succeed? Kelly Johnson will share trade secrets, techniques, and special apps and programs to implement your messaging.

Who Should Attend? Authors, Wannabe-Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants

Count me in—Register    (put link here)

Easy-Peasy Hot Apps and Resources for Authors

With so many options with technology, it can feel challenging to determine what tools may be best to implement for your business. It can also feel overwhelming wondering what type of learning curve may be involved to understand and learn new software.

Discover and learn some easy-to-use, valuable online tools that do not require knowledge of HTML coding to implement. These tools are a cost-effective method to create impact with your business. And you can even have some fun using them!

Meet the Virtual Assistant …
Add Time to Your Day for Doing the Work You Love and Deal with the Author Overwhelm Factor

Discover how to bring sanity back to your authoring life. Having a VA will deliver countless hours to your day and delete tasks that you would rather never do again. What you do is identify them and have someone else to do them. Enter the Virtual Assistant!

About the Speaker

Kelly Johnson, owner of Cornerstone Virtual Assistance, works with authors to manage technical, creative, and administrative projects for their businesses and books. She has earned certifications as a Professional Author’s Assistant, Shopping Cart Certified Strategist, and in Hootsuite. Kelly is an expert in online resources and technical services, and proudly wears the title “Geek Girl.”

Technology has granted us the freedom to process information faster, communicate instantly, and think “outside the box” when creating innovative ways to be more productive in our professional lives while having balance in our personal lives. The decision to establish her own virtual assistance business stemmed from Kelly’s desire to have more time to work one-on-one with clients in a collaborative partnership that permits both the virtual assistant and client to practice the belief that “Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM).” 

Get Your Brag On!

We were taught that it’s wrong to brag! However, you can’t sell your book if you can’t sell yourself! It’s time to learn how to promote you to sell your book. I will share a great success story from one of our own authors!

  • Create brag factors that make a positive difference
  • Develop the confidence to brag
  • Use brags to sell your book

Get Paid Writing Articles

Many authors would love extra income from writing articles for blog posts, newspapers and magazines. I will share some of the do’s and don’ts to get you started and get noticed.

  • Sites to help you get started
  • Pitch – Yes, Brag!
  • Stay focused

About the Speaker

Jeannette Seibly is an award-winning, internationally recognized business advisor, consultant and coach. Over the past 25 years, she’s helped many companies solve their people management challenges (e.g., hiring, coaching, managing and training), and guided the creation of 3 millionaires.

Jeannette is also a published author of 5 books including, “It’s Time to Brag! Business Edition,” “It’s Time to Brag! Career Edition,” and “Hire Amazing Employees.” She has also published over 400 articles focused on resolving leadership and management challenges. She is a monthly contributor to the Leadership publication for GM Dealerships.

You’re on the AIR!
Electronic Media to Market You and Your Book

Even though it’s a book … written words, you may be asking, “Why do I need video and audio?”  You really want your marketing tools to POP! Video and audio added to your marketing toolkit do just that.

Facebook, social media, and video messaging

  • Internet radio listening has exploded – and you can podcast and audio blog

How do I get started?

  • Grab your smartphone and….
  • There are available affordable and easy-to-use tools.

Quick show-and-tell of book promo examples

About the Speaker

Susie Scott brings over 25 years in video and film. She has produced training/industrial/internal projects for national and international clients, dozens of national restaurant commercials, documentary-style pieces and recently, another Telly Award for a video book promo about an Auschwitz survivor.     

Her media and promotions experience includes broadcast television, radio, Internet, social and print.

Susie, her family and small animal planet live along the front range of the Rockies. She is a bit of a political junkie, rues the loss of spontaneous radio, believes in Yetis, but, not so much the tooth fairy. 

What’ Sizzling Hot in Book Marketing this Year?
Discover the Ninja in You!

Contrary to what many authors believe, writing the book is only 10% of publishing… it’s the 90% marketing that will make or break book success.

Gone are the days of national book signing tours where an author travels from city to city to meet fans and be featured on TV, radio and in print. Most authors are homebound with their favorite cup of coffee or tea and constant laptop companion. To the surprise of a traditionally published author and bewilderment of the self and indie author, it’s up to the author to be in charge of all marketing and publicity.

The knowledge, tools, tips, and techniques delivered here will impact every decision you make along the way. You and your book are the stars. Are they getting the share you both want? Most likely, not. Judith Briles will jump-start your thinking; what options you should be embracing for 2018; and, show you how to get started…or re-gear to start a new direction.

About the Speaker

Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd
Book Publishing expert Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd®, has shepherded more than 1,000 authors and created 500 best-sellers and award-winning books. She knows publishing inside and out from both the traditional and independent sides. Judith is an advocate for authors within her blogs, podcasts and speaking engagements.

Her publishing books include: How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo-Boos, The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers, and Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Writers. They join her multi-award winning and #1 bestseller on Amazon, Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms. Her next book, How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech! will be released in the spring of 2018.

What’s Your THEME?

Drill down till you find your aquifer: your pure, distilled message. Then what? Build your branding, your messaging, and your events from there: structure, form, slogan, take-aways, social media messaging, website style, event planning, and even wardrobe!

About the Speaker

Mara Purl is the best-selling author of the Milford-Haven Novels & Stories, which have earned more than 30 awards and appeared in the top-ten of multiple best-seller lists. As a producer, she’s known for creating the first American radio serial broadcast by the BBC, Milford-Haven USA, which an audience of 4.5 million.

Are you ready for a FUN day; an INFORMATIVE day; and a TAKE ACTION day for you and your book? If you are … be there. Space is limited.

Who Should Attend: Authors, Wannabe-Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Consultants

Where:  CADA, 290 E Speer Blvd, Denver
When: Saturday, April 14th … lunch included
Time: 8.00 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
Cost: $89 for Early Birds April 1st (and we aren’t fooling) – Tardy Birds $129 from April 2 to April 14.

Register:    (put link here)


Authordom and LinkedIn Are a Dynamic Duo  Essential Tips for Authors on How to Use LinkedIn For Positioning, Expertise, and Marketing
Jun 12 @ 12:45 pm – 1:45 pm

Authordom and LinkedIn Are a Dynamic Duo 
Essential Tips for Authors on How to Use LinkedIn For Positioning, Expertise, and Marketing

It’s time to take the “mystery” out of LinkedIn! 


For many authors, LinkedIn may be the ideal place to position you as an expert, resource, marketer. 

  • Have you created a “company page” on your LinkedIn profile?
  • Did you know that it’s a way to push out what you are doing and carries additional clout, especially for business and professional services related authors? 
  • Would you like to learn how you can narrow your ideal connecting and marketing targets? 

    Don’t miss this in-depth “how-to” and “what to do now” podcast featuring LinkedIn expert Mike O’Neil, CEO of Integrated Alliances.

The session will be recorded a copy sent to all who are registered within 18 hours of the ending. 


Date:   June 12, 2018
Time:  4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET

Power Packed Social Media BIG 5 MAY Webinar Series
May 2 @ 11:00 am

Get ready to snap, crackle and truly POP using the social media platforms for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram PLUS how to get to your ideal target market. It all happens in the BIG 5 May Webinar series.

AuthorYOU will deliver an every Thursday live session beginning at 11 a.m. Mountain Time throughout May. Each will last up to 90 minutes, depending on the question. This is a special PAID webinar series, not a freebie.

Put the 2, 9, 16, 23, 30 on your calendar now. If you are registered, you will get the replay. It will not be available to the public.

There are two ways to participate.

  1. Get all 5 for $100 (saving $25)
  2. Cherry pick which ones you want at a $25 each

Session 1 (up to 90 Minutes):

How To Identify & Connect With Your Target Market Using Social Media

In this interactive 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will conduct exercises that will help you gain clarity on your target market, how to locate that target market on the internet through strategic keyword research, and use the top social media platforms to increase brand awareness and book sales.

Session 2 (up to 90 Minutes):

How To Strategically Use Facebook Business Pages to Increase Reach & Engagement

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will learn the most effective ways to post, when to post and what to post to gain massive exposure and community engagement.  In addition, you will learn powerful action-steps that will help you connect with strategic referral partners and find relevant content for your community using your Facebook business page.

Session 3 (up to 90  Minutes):

How To Gain Followers & Increase Brand Awareness Through Your Instagram Business Page

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will learn the most effective ways to use your Instagram business page to increase followers through business page optimization, strategic use of hashtags, images, and call to actions.

Session 4 (up to 90  Minutes):

How To Maximize Your Use Of LinkedIn

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will learn the importance of being found by the right LinkedIn contacts and finding the right LinkedIn contacts to establish powerful connections that will increase your sales force. 

Session 5 (up to 90  Minutes):

How To Strategically Use Twitter To Gain Brand Awareness and Book Sales

In this 1-hour session with Karen Liz Albert, you will learn Twitter tips & tricks that will help you strategically manage your twitter account to connect with the influencers and your target market.

Count me in for all 5: $100

I want just a few ( identify which):

Session 1 – Target Markets    $25

Session 2 – Facebook              $25

Session 3 – Instagram            $25

Session 4 – LinkedIN            $25

Session 5 – Twitter                $25

Choose your Sessions Below

Note: You will receive email invitations to register/join the webinar a few days prior to each webinar date that you sign up for. Keep a look out for the email. The replays will also be available to you. 

Social Media Big Five, Choose your Sessions

How to Sell Your Story to Hollywood! (or: What Will Doom It to Eternal Obscurity)
May 29 @ 5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

How to Sell Your Story to Hollywood!

(or: What Will Doom It to Eternal Obscurity)


AuthorYOU’s fast-paced “AHA” webinar
Wednesday, May 29th
What You’re Going to Discover…

  • The one document you MUST have in order to sell your story to Hollywood – without you’re dead in the water.
  • Why Hollywood is like a conveyor belt and ways that you can get your story to the front of the line…
  • How drawing ONE simple line can massively impact the success of your script.
  • Why having a screenplay is actually bad for most writers to have and how it can permanently ruin your chances
  • The story elements that every producer and director look for that increase your chances of successfully selling your story to Hollywood

Ken Atchity

Hollywood Producer and Emmy award nominee who sold the Hollywood Blockbuster “The Meg” (International sales exceed 500 million) and 30+ other Hollywood Deals



This training will reveal the once hidden process for taking your book or story and get it sold to Hollywood for big bucks!


30 PLUS Sizzling HOT Publishing, Marketing and Author Success TIPS
Jun 24 @ 5:00 pm – 6:00 pm

On MONDAY, June 24 (7 ET, 6 CT, 5 MT, 4 PT) … 30 awesome and Hot Publishing Ahas and Tips from six amazing publishing pros: Sandy Lawrence, Judith Briles, Daniel Hall, Amy Collins, Rebecca Finkel, Kelly Johnson, and Ashlee Bratton. Plus we always throw in a few more that you won’t want to miss! 

What author and writer don’t want savvy insider tips and ahas on publishing, publicity, book marketing, book design, making money on your book and the latest awesome gizmos and gadgets authors can use? 

Don’t bother to pop the popcorn–you won’t have time to eat it–you will be taking notes like crazy! 

AND … Make sure you register even if you can’t attend the LIVE presentation … you will automatically get the replay the next day. 

Get it on your calendar: 
MONDAY, June 24th (4 PT, 5 MT, 6 CT, 7 ET) 

Register here:

Note: your registration will add your name and email to our preferred emailing list.

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Webinar: How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders … and How to Recover When You Make Them!
Jul 31 @ 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders … and How to Recover When You Make Them!

Wednesday, July 31, 2019 6:00 PM – 7:00 PM MDT

Whether you are just beginning the author journey or think you are an old pro, the publishing maze has a few tricks up its sleeve. Contracts can snarl you, marketing can swamp you, and social media can suck your energy. No wonder authors become comatose—no longer, after this highly interactive, fun and “aha” session.

Your takeaways will include:

• Identifying the 7 deadly sins that too many authors make.

• Learn what the “escape” clause is that every author needs to include in a traditional publishing contract.

• Come away with great tips and tricks to goose up your open rate on blogs and emails.

• Embrace the strategy to deliver “Best Seller” status on Amazon without spending money or gathering up a bunch of gifts as inducements to buy your book on launch day

Dr. Judith Briles, the award-winning and best-selling author of 37 books, including Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms, Snappy Sassy Salty: Wise Words for Authors and Publishers, The CrowdFunding Guide for Authors & Writers, and How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers, and Boo-Boos. How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech, was released in 2018 and When God Says NO released in 2019.

To date, her books have been translated into 16 countries with over 1,000,000 copies sold! Judith’s books and work have been featured in over 1,000 radio and TV shows including repeat appearances on CNN, CNBC, and Oprah. She has worked with over 1,000 authors and created 500 plus best-sellers. Print publications include Newsweek, People, Time, The Wall Street Journal, Working Woman and … The National Enquirer!

Based in Colorado, she is the founding Partner in The Book Shepherd, a book and publishing consulting and project management firm that works with authors at all stages of their book to create a book they never regret!


How to Create an Audiobook with No Pain
Nov 7 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Audiobooks are booming in popularity, and they’re only growing.

With so many people craving audiobooks these days, if you’re not providing them, you could be losing out on extra royalties every month. 

My friend Derek Doepker has a short audiobook that regularly sells 120+ copies each month without ANY audiobook marketing on my part.

This is all passive sales.

The cool thing is, unlike ebooks, it’s not overly crowded so you stand a much better chance of having your books be seen and sold there.

I’m doing a free webinar training with Derek on how you can start profiting with audiobooks.

You can join us at Thursday, November 7th at Noon Mountain HERE:

Derek will answer all your questions about whether it’s best to do it yourself or outsource.

Even if you live outside the US and UK (ACX distribution territories) you can still us ACX and another resource with some special secrets he’ll share.

On this webinar you’ll discover:

  • How audiobooks are generating hundreds to thousands of extra dollars in royalties for some self-published authors on auto-pilot.
  • How you can produce audiobooks on any budget, and distribute them from anywhere in the world.
  • The critical facts you have to consider before deciding whether to outsource or produce your own audiobooks that could save you thousands of dollars.
  • Where to hire professional audiobook narrators if you wish to outsource.
  • The exact microphone, software, and equipment you need to produce limitless top-quality audiobooks on a shoestring budget.
  • Your audiobook questions answered personally.

Ready? I am … see you there.


Want to Slay the Amazon Dragon? The Perfect Book Marketing Gift Awaits You …
Dec 5 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

The Perfect Book Marketing Gift Awaits You …

Have you ever wondered …

  • How can I focus on writing and publishing instead of constantly promoting my books?
  • How can I get consistent sales of full-priced books instead of just short-term spikes during promotions?
  • How can my book stand out when there are SO many competing books on Amazon and it feels like pulling teeth to get sales?
  • How do I get reviews and build my audience FAST if I’m starting from scratch?
  • Where can I outsource the work I don’t want to do?

My friend and 7 times bestselling author Derek Doepker is about to reveal some very practical strategies on how to do fewer promotions and sell more books on autopilot. Something ALL authors would love to create on an ongoing basis.

With one strategy, he had an extra $3,505 in book sales in less than 8 weeks with less than two hours of work a week! Bet that sounds like your type of work, yes?

Note: If you want 1,001 ways to market your book, this isn’t for you.

If you want to 80/20 concepts, the 20% that leads to 80% of your results … then you’ll need to check out this free live training called Automatic Book Sales System we’re doing Thursday, December 5th at NOON Mountain time.

Register here:

In this training you’ll discover:

  • The most powerful form of auto-pilot book promotion to sell full-priced books consistently – this has led to over $3,505 in EXTRA book sales in less than 8 weeks!
  • The 3 biggest marketing mistakes authors make that sabotage their success … and how to fix them.
  • How to get reviews and build your audience even if you’re starting completely from scratch with no following.
  • And more!

Join us by registering now—it’s the perfect gift, just for you and your book.


Heck Yes! YOU, too can write for children!
Jan 4 @ 9:00 pm – 12:00 pm

Whether you are currently writing books for kids … or you hadn’t thought about it … January will kick off our Author Year of Possibilities. And why not start with books for kids? If you write for the adult reader, did you know that the book you have already written speaks to all ages when presented in another format?

  • What message is in your book that children need to hear?
    • Fantasy can be changed to be appropriate for all ages.
    • Villains and Heroes softened for younger audiences.
    • The plot and theme can be used to share life lessons
  • Because words change the world, you have an opportunity to change the lives of children. Changing your audience is simply talking to short people without big words.
    • The Giving Tree- teaches about selfishness and selflessness
    • Historical novels- teach about history (which our kids are not getting)
    • Oh the Places You Will Go- Can your novel teach about challenges
  • Your characters are already developed. By changing them to animals, dragons, trolls, or children- the novel takes a different approach
    • Trolls are grumpy
    • Butterflies are freedom
    • An older child is a good mentor for the younger one reading
  • Stories for the younger crowd are from one point of view
    • The cast of characters are fewer
    • Much will be shown in action
    • Shorter pieces of dialogue
  • Scenes you have written can be shortened and enhanced with illustrations.
  • Children’s books have the same conflict, climax, and resolution that your novel has.
    • The length of the conflict is sorter
    • The black moment will be midway through
    • The resolution is longer because you will explain more at the ending
  • Most people think that you are dumbing down the story to write for children, but you are actually going to crank it up a notch.
    • You have to fit more content in fewer words.
    • Every word has to work harder to get the meaning across.
    • Be conscientious about word choice

Who should attend the January 4th program? Authors who are already writing for kids. Authors who have been thinking about writing for kids. Authors who didn’t think they could or just hadn’t thought about it beyond their current book.

Show up, have fun, and learn with the guidance of multi-bestselling, award-winning children’s and adult author, Lisa Reinicke.

When: Saturday, January 4, 2020
Where: Smokey Hill Library, 5430 S Biscay Circle, Centennial, CO  80015
Time: 9 am to Noon
Cost:  $22 for AuthorYOU members, $32 for NonMembers. Price increases $ 10 on December 31st.


Webinar Gold: Author Influence and Marketing: Discover Your EXISTING Demand
Apr 23 @ 11:00 am – 12:00 pm

Author Influence and Marketing: Discover Your EXISTING Demand

Thousands of people search the Internet every day for what you sell.
Are you connecting with them?
We’ve discovered that 95% of Authors aren’t!

Your takeaways include:
• How to get in front of the existing demand for your goods, services or book.
• Discover the keywords that people search on when they look for your book.
• Spy on Your Amazon Competition
• What you need to do to increase your website visitors, leads and book sales.
• Tips on Using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS)

Presenter Dave Westfall is an internet marketing expert and consultant. He has helped hundreds of small businesses (author publishing would fall in this category) grow by providing solid advice and proven solutions that work. 

When: Thursday, April 23 at 10 PT, 11 MT, Noon CT, 1 ET


Register here:

New Webinar … Creating the Ultimate Opt-In for Your Website
May 19 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm


Would you like to have a method to collect emails on your website? How about building your influence and engaging readers? I bet you do … and you do it with an Opt-In format that does both at the same time.


Get ready to roll up your sleeves. This is a NO PITCH webinar … just information to goose your visibility and success. Your take-aways include:

  • How to determine what the perfect “lure” is to drive traffic to your website?
  • How to create a drip campaign that develops trust.
  • Have a slid method to collect emails on your website?
  • Add hundreds, even thousands to your email lists that are individuals who are interested in your expertise?
  • Create a parallel online marketing campaign to drive traffic to your website.

Your guide is Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd. A firm believer in the power of website Opt-Ins, she will make you a believer as well. All registrants by 9 am on Tuesday, the 19th will be sent a handout to print out and use. In addition, it will be posted on the webinar site when you log in to download it. Those who are registered will get the replay within 24 hours.

Date: Tuesday, May 19 at 4 pm Mountain Time
Cost: $10:


The Life of the Author – Business, Organization, and Creativity Juice Webinar
Jun 6 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am

AuthorYOU’s monthly program is all about being Overloaded and Overwhelmed. A common feeling and experience most authors feel as they set out on the author and publishing journey. In AuthorYOU’s monthly online meeting (until we can meet in person), you will get organization tips for both your writing space, setting up folders and files on your computer, capturing your ideas, and creating a business.

Hooray … it’s a perfect way to kick off the summer!
There is a $10 fee for this online meeting.
After registration, you will be invoiced, or you can pay right away at the Paypal button below. 

Register here:

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.

Create a Guaranteed Way to POP with the Workbook Wealth Webinar
Jun 18 @ 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm

Hey Authors: Create a Workbook that POPS Webinar

When it comes to having a Workbook based on your material and expertise, the benefits are significant. How about increased engagement, more referrals, happy customers, and money flowing your way?

Successful marketers have a way of interacting with their customers, clients, and potential customers: they have things like groups and email marketing to keep in touch with their fans and subscribers.

What VERY FEW, but ultra-successful marketers, have are interactive workbooks to keep engaged with their audience.

Why not you?


Now, you can create workbooks quickly where they can help others navigate through your sage advice, wisdom, and how-to strategies with:

  • Checklists
  • cheat sheets
  • interactive notes and ideas
  • logs
  • journal entries

Get registered–it’s a freebie webinar on Tuesday, June 16th at 4 pm Mountain Time to learn the tips, tricks, and strategies to creating a Workbook. Plan on 90 minutes.


After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.


Webinar: Discover a 5-Step Process To Creating Passive Income with the Tiniest Amount of Content
Jul 14 @ 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm

Sometimes called low content, my guest for this all-new webinar workshop calls it tiny content. I like that!

Whatever it is—it’s all about doing just a small amount of work to generate on-going profits in your author and publishing business. 

Get ready to learn:

  • what low content products are and where you can pull content from.
  • how they are so simple to create and put up for sale and get traffic.
  • and how they can be very lucrative for virtually anyone. ANYONE!

You can register for free right here:

The best thing about this model is that you don’t need special skills or a special degree. Nothing. All you need is YOU and your tips and follow a 5-step simple “C” process. 

We are going to cover A LOT and you are going to see a complete demo of how to make a tiny content product. You don’t want to miss this! I’m in … are you?

Register here

Date: July 14th at 4 pm Mountain time (3 PT, 5 CT, 6 ET)

Look forward to being with you for an hour to show you how to add to your product mix.

All registrants will be added to our preferred email list.



How To Get More People To Buy Your Book … Author Problems Fixed Here
Aug 25 @ 3:00 pm – 4:00 pm

August’s webinar is all about solving common problems that authors face when publishing and selling books. It’s about getting MORE people to buy your book.

One of the problems that authors face is lack of sales. 

That’s a big one, right? Get ready to receive more sales and easy ways and systems to do that. Yes, you do need REVIEWS –and that will be covered … but there is so much more …

The big 7 common problems are identified and of course, sharing a solution for you right in the training.

Common Problems for lack of sales include: 

  • Not having an audience
  • Not having an automated system to work for you to get reviews and fans
  • Not having a way to effectively communicate with your fans
  • Easily connecting with POTENTIAL followers…
  • and a whole lot more

Yikes, the sad part is that you can have everything RIGHT like: 

  • The perfect title
  • The perfect cover
  • The perfect editing
  • Even the perfect ending …

But if you lack certain components in your book listing, you could have worked your butt off for nothing. Oh ugh … 

Let’s remove that “ugh” feeling … get registered NOW:

Date: Tuesday, August 25 at 3 pm Mountain

The Book Shepherd