Get ready to make money with an audiobook – new insights for 2020

YOUR Audiobook Creation Insights for 2020


Join us for a webinar on May 02, 2020 at 10:00 AM Mountain Time.

Are you ready to discover The Audiobook Wizard’s Guide to Audiobook Creation – 2020 Version? May 2— Remote meeting via Webinar

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Things have changed rapidly in the world of audiobooks since Richard Rieman’s award-winning book, The Author’s Guide to Audiobook Creation was first published.

For the first time last year, half of all Americans over the age of 12 have listened to an audiobook!

  • Did you?
  • Do you know someone who has?
  • Have your book buyers asked if you have your book available in audio?

There are new major competitors to Amazon’s Audible in the audiobook creation world.

  • What options are there?
  • Do you know who they are?
  • Should you be distributing through them outside of Amazon’s Audible?

Nonfiction books (History, Biographies, Memoirs) are overtaking many other genres among audiobook listeners.

  • Meaning that NF authors should be creating audiobooks—is yours available now?
  • Will it be your voice or a professional narrator?
  • How will you use it to market your expertise and position it?

Fiction books are naturals for audiobook listeners.

  • No genre is left unturned—what’s yours?
  • Should you have mixed voices/narrators or have a single voice?
  • How about adds—a little music for scene changes?

The Audiobook Wizard, Richard Rieman, will share:

  • Marketing Strategies and Tips for HOW to Market Your Audiobook
  • When Narrating Your Own Book is the Best Option ( and sometimes it is!) plus shortcuts to do a combo of YOU and a Narrator
  • How You Can Cover the Cost of Audiobook Production through Crowdfunding
  • How to Use Audible’s new promotional codes to get reviews and boost sales
    Plus, How to Avoid Audiobook Publishing Predators

    …and, of course, much more.


About Your Presenter: Richard Rieman
Richard Rieman, known in Denver as “The Audiobook Wizard,” is an acclaimed authority on indie audiobook publishing. He has narrated and produced hundreds of Indie-published

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