Google Slapdown Started for Websites – Authors Beware!

IS it a bird? A plane? Jeeze Louise, it’s Google and it’s not knocking at your door with a bouquet of lovely flowers. It dropped a dead bouquet for plenty of authors who we discovered at the AuthorU’s Extravaganza in May were clueless of the changes that started flowing in April. Although AuthorU blasted an alert in March that Google would be penalizing websites that weren’t mobile friendly, many didn’t see it, or chose to ignore it.

If you haven’t gotten your website up to par … STOP … and call your website admin/designer pronto. This is a must do. Mobile Friendly on everything you are posting from now on.

This is the AuthorU Alert posted in March …  google slap

Is your website mobile friendly?  As in Really, Really, Really Mobile Friendly? In April, Google reared it’s power head and told all–get there pronto. If you don’t, your not-so-friendly website will go through some notching down in ranking beginning that month.

Gulp … it’s the Google Slapdown for sure.

Click HERE to you need to do to check out how your’s fares.

The site you want to take a spin on to see just how your website grades with the mobile test tool can be found HERE.

rankingDoes yours pass? … meaning you better be getting a solid “B” or you, and anything else you are selling, may become invisible in Google rankings. That’s a significant ouch.

If your website is at least a year old and your web designer has not been in touch with you about doing a morph/upgrade … shame on him or her.

One Comment on Google Slapdown Started for Websites – Authors Beware!

  1. It’s important to know that the penalty (which wasn’t really a “penalty” based on Google’s standards) only affects rankings on mobile searches. They’re simply using mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal now when people search using mobile devices. It won’t affect your rankings in standard browser searches. So if authors are seeing their general rankings plummet, something else is causing it.

    I know some authors get very little traffic on mobile devices, and those authors might not notice anything’s happened. But if you get a significant amount of traffic from mobile users, absolutely make a change. Ideally you’ll want a responsive design that adapts to the user’s browsing environment. But if you use WordPress, you can also install a plugin like WPTouch (which has a free version). It makes your site immediately mobile-friendly so you’re covered until you can get an updated design on your site.

    Out of curiosity, where are you seeing a letter grade in their testing tool? The system is set up on a yes/no basis as to whether or not your site is mobile-friendly, and that’s all I see when I use the tool to test sites. I’m just wondering if you’re seeing something different.

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