It’s About Community

I’m the Past President of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association (CIPA)–a group that consists of over 400 publishers, primarily from Colorado. At a recent meeting, one of the participants summed up an all day event dedicated to the crafts of writing and editing. “CIPA is a community.” Indeed, it is.

Last month I was President; this month, Past President. Doubling in size over the past two years, its growth was created by the drive to create member benefits and involvement. We succeeded with lots of hard work and plenty of fun. We birthed new ideas, nurtured them until they could walk and cheered their success for our members. The publishing community of Colorado.

A popular movie is currently playing, The March of the Penguins. It’s about community. An amazing story of connecting—via birth, survival, and death.

Penguin mates are together until death parts them. The whole film (see it on the big screen, you need to immerse yourself in the breadth of the images of the South Pole) reflects the necessity of building a community—be it a pair of occupants or thousands. Trust is critical and that each penguin parent is necessary in the birthing and caring of their offspring.

Isn’t this about human life as well?

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