It’s About Doing Right vs Doing Political

I’m amazed with the total lack of Christmas cards being mailed out this year … to date, I’ve received less than 10 vs. previously years of 100s. People are cutting back; using email for greetings. Yes, I miss some of the beauties, and funnies, but let’s be real … tis a lot of money that goes down the shoot for a few seconds/minutes of enjoyment… why not make a phone call and really connect?

For the second year now, I’ve just mailed a few with notes. Otherwise, I’ve joined the practical crowd.

Which means that we will probably see mail rates go up again next year… more of us are doing Internet mailing and bill paying … the USPS continues to solicit all the junk mail that most of us don’t want, or need. The rationale is that it covers their expenses.

Seems to me that the Post Office should cut back as well … skip Saturday deliveries–there’s no doubt in my mind that there’s a lot of fat that could be trimmed … and hasn’t the public been subsidizing this for years?

Bailing out … all the hearings that the auto industry is going through and that the financial group didn’t when they got $700 billion … and just how has that $700 billion helped Sam and Samantha Public????

Color me simple, but I shake my head when I see/hear the bozos in “leadership” fingerpointing at the auto execs (not that they shouldn’t be notched down for lots, including the “vision thing”) when they, Congress, rubber-stamped just about everything the current Administration wanted over the past eight years–now what’s the National Debt–isn’t there a difference between TRILLIONS and BILLIONS?

I think so. Congress is the pot calling the kettle black. Get real, get practical, do the right thing instead of the political thing.

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