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Money Smarts is what it’s all about…and money common sense. This past week, I’ve done several radio and TV interviews on my latest book, Money $marts: Personal Financial Success in 30 Days! A great majority of callers have asked questions about credit and credit card usage.

Monthly Bills will deliver higher Minimums–they will be increasing quite a bit shortly–expect your payments to double if you just do the bare amount each month.

If you are someone who pays on time, but carries a balance, get your credit cards out NOW and call the 800# on the back of the card for customer service. Ask/request that your interest rate be reduced–tell the card representative that you are getting multiple offers every week from other credit card companies to open an account with them and transfer the balance you have with the current company to a new one. What will they reduce your interested rate to, to keep your business? Believe, it’s worth pursuing–80% will drop the rate on the phone.

With your new, reduced rate, the increased minimum will still be an increase, but the finance charges will drop–a very good thing.
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