It’s About Money

It’s that time again…money, money, money goes out the door–so easy and so fast. Everyone and Every Store wants your money. In exchange, you are supposed to get that “special gift” for that “special someone” with a flash of a card.

Instead of waiting until January, maybe you should consider a Money Diet for December. Isn’t it suppose to be about spending time with those you care for, good will, peace and all those wonderful things? Spending time could be gas in the car to get you there; good will is reaching out; and peace–resolve, don’t create conflict.

I know, I know, tis always easier to say than do. But, heck, why not? I have a thing about giving–oh I give lots, but it’s who I give to. One of my favorite’s is the Salvation Army–so little of the moneys it brings in goes to administrative overhead–over 90% goes to the cause supported. The game I play every time I see one of the Bell Ringers is simply this: the biggest “bill” I have in my wallet goes into the bucket. Sometimes, it’s big–like $50, other times, a $1. But to me, I know that I’m supporting a group who supports so many.

Our family has chosen to trim down this year. One daughter’s job is ending in a few weeks. She’s just had a new baby. They don’t need to be spending money that isn’t critical. My other daughter has a new home. Better yet to make her home comfortable than spend money on other family members right now. We all just about have everything we need anyway.

Our best gift is sharing and playing with our grandkids. What’s yours?

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