It’s About the Trashy Media Ploys

This week, the media is all abuzz about the “alleged” corrupt Governor of IL and his exploits to “sell” the Senate seat recently vacated by President-Elect Obama. Fair enough.

What is outrageous is all the air time devoted to what did Obama know/do, etc. during the Governor’s strategies of replacing him. Obama has basically said that the Govenor should resign, or get the boot. Good idea.

What he also said was that he needs to withhold any further comments because there is an indictment in play against the Governor. The prosecutors publicly state that Obama has zip to do with this … just that it’s his former Senate seat that’s in play. Believe them until they say otherwise.

So stop the nonsense. Media needs to get smart and use some common sense. Let the facts come out. There’s a legal track in play. Stop using the ridiculous ploy —when did you stop beating your wife? with Obama.

Obama is dealing with an incredible mess that Bush is leaving… he’s more ahead than any President-Elect that I can remember in planning and strategizing… and working on cleaning up. Instead of the outrageous love-fest that ABC’s Charles Gibson did with Bush a week ago, why not focus on all the screw-ups of Bush, including the deaths of so many of our men and women in his Iraqi Foley?

The Governor sounds like trash, a modern type of Tony Soprano, maybe without the whack jobs. That makes sense. Get the boot out.

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