Money Smarts for Turbulent Times

I received a call from the owner of one of my books a few weeks ago. She wanted me to know that she was just fine, thank you. Two years ago, she purchased a copy of Money Smarts and followed it to a tee. Most of her money was in cash and would stay there for awhile. She thanked me for my advice.

There was nothing fancy about the book, just the basics. And that’s what we all need with this tornado financial environment that we are all treading water to stay on top.

When 401(k)s have become 101(k)s, if that; when people are see their life savings vaporize; and when the nest egg of the home value has become a rotting mess of twigs it means major regrouping.

I’ve gone back to the writing desk to do a revision on Money Smarts. The new title is Money Smarts for Turbulent Times and will be available in June. Still the common sense of it’s predecesor but brought current with what’s unraveled since the fall of 2008.

When finances are shaky, it’s not the time to take changes. Cash is king. Even when the stock market gets roots, make sure they are solid before you jump in.

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