New blog from Judith Briles The Book Shepherd – Author Alert: Is your blog M.I.A.-missing in action?

Author Alert:
Is Your Blog M.I.A. … Missing in Action?

Is your blog stumbling or limping along? Is it failing to be noticed in social media? Do you forget to use essential hashtags and media handles?

Are you, as an author expert, missing in action? No more … every author needs to do a FAST blog assessment. Authors need credibility power, starting now.

Today’s blog was prompted by the failure of a recent client to support his expertise when I decided to do a faux visitor look-over of his website that he had recently modified. I started with his blog and came to a screeching STOP … do not pass … GO TO JAIL card.

Here’s what was universally missing and are MUST Dos for blog success:

  1. Blog every week. Pick a day. That means rain, shine, snow, sleet, sun, holidays, vacations … nothing holds you back. It’s a day to post a new blog. Plan. Anything that was blogged over a year ago can quickly be tweaked and repurposed and pushed out again if you have a time constraint or lacking new ideas. No excuses allowed.
  2. Create a schedule and post ahead. That means you can take Holidays off, enjoy a vacation, and not be controlled by the weather gods.
  3. Push your blog out on ALL your social media platforms. Make sure you include appropriate hashtags (and a hashtag with your own name #YourName) plus relevant media handles, i.e., @NBCNews, @CBSNews, @ABCNews, @CNN, @FOXNews, etc.

    Don’t forget individual correspondents, radio, print handles. Start a spread sheet or file and collect them so that you can do a copy/paste forward.

  4. Announce each blog with a stand alone email to your list. Yep, do it. Let the contact know in the subject line it’s your “latest” or “new” blog with a short description.
  5. Engage your reader. Have a CTA—Call to Action. It could be a question or a kick in the tush.
  6. Turn your blog into a press release. With a few tweaks, you can have a push out that could be picked up on a “slow” media news day or a hit on a “hot topic” day. For free sources, and Use submission guidelines and make it a habit. Michael Hartzell identifies a variety of free and fee press release sites HERE
  7. Include a share your blog feature within your blog. Meaning have the magic icons for social media platforms are clickable and links out so that a reader can easily share your wise and brilliant thoughts.
  8. Your blog is always identified with your name as the author expert. I don’t care if you have a ghosting service writing them or posting for you. This is YOUR blog … not someone else’s. Take ownership pronto and claim with your name.

  9. Include a customized bio with photo. Your expertise, tag line or slogan. Your books, or at least your latest book. Mention award-winning or bestselling if appropriate. Contact info via phone and email. Also include your website.
  10. Copyright all blogs at the conclusion of them. Note mine. It states:

©2021 Judith Briles – The Book Shepherd™ All Rights Reserved.

And my call to action for you is …

First, a reminder—In my opinion, blogs belong in every author’s website toolbox. Your blog is a link to you. Your expertise. Your credibility. Your connecting info.

Second—They should be shouted out to your email contacts. To your social media platforms. And don’t forget the media.

Third—Starting TODAY … change your blog template.


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