Rave Reviews

“You just finished a masterpiece, just put your creative passion into it, and now don’t know what to do about it? Call for the assistance of Judith Briles, The Book Shepherd. Judith has the knowledge at her fingertips from taking your idea and putting it into words to finding the right editors and the right printers. Need advice on how to market your book? She has a myriad of ideas and knowledge of the ways to do it. Judith is an extraordinary woman who will be YOUR personal shepherd.

“She has been there for us through good and bad, happiness and frustration. We don’t know what we would do without her calmness—we sometimes feel max-frustration.”

Georgann and Jim HallParachuting for Gold in Old Mexico

“Wow… your Salons are great! Thank you. We have a good focus now to move ahead. You are a wise teacher. We appreciate you!”

Greg Meyerhoff and Anne Salisbury, PhD, MA, MBAEureka! and The Eureka Factor!

“Judith Briles is one of the most creative people I’ve ever worked with. She has an amazing wealth of knowledge and experience in the book publishing and marketing arenas, as well as a highly successful track record with her own books. She generously shares her valuable network of contacts in the industry. She knows how to create profitable strategies to publish and market books, is able to quickly and accurately understand an author’s work and offer clear, constructive suggestions.

Judith’s consulting services provide incredible value. I heartily recommend her.”

Victoria MunroThe Small Biz Balancing Act

“Judith Briles, aka The Book Shepherd, is a true Shepherd of her flock. When I first hired Judith I thought I was “almost there”. I didn’t know what I didn’t know. I had only just begun. I now consider myself transformed into much more than I had envisioned becoming. The best part: we’ve only just begun!”

Rhonda SpellmanThe Journey, Home from Autism

“After publishing my book, I knew I needed help marketing not only the book, but myself. I looked to Judith because she exemplified what I am in the process of becoming, an accomplished speaker, author, and a successful and heart-filled business woman. Under her tutelage, I am expanding into national markets and just yesterday, appeared on a TV News show. If you are ready to take yourself from hobby to professional, Judith is the woman who will walk next to you along your path to success.”

Jane StanfieldWhere Is She Heading

“When I came to Dr Briles I was uncertain as what I was going to do, however, through her diligent guidance and clear direction I was able to get my project back on track and produce an award winning book. Dr Briles has put in place all the tools necessary for success. It takes a person who is willing to learn, look, listen and receive instruction from the master of book production – Dr Briles.”

Dr Loren DueDon’t Say a Word about This

“A shepherd is defined as one who “protects, guides, and watches over.” That’s exactly what Judith Briles brings to your book and/or speaking project. She won’t write your book for you, but she protects you from making senseless mistakes, she guides you through the meticulous process, and she watches over your journey from beginning to end. Working with Judith is one of the best investments I’ve made in my business.”

Dom TestaThe Galahad series

“Judith Briles is my BOOK SHEPHERD and has been for many years. She guided me through my first book, The PeaceFinder—Riley McFee’s Quest for World Peace. She is now helping me publish my husband’s autobiography as well as a book I have written on parenting plans for divorced parents. It would be very difficult to get through the publishing maze without her. She knows the business, has amazing vision, and is remarkably creative. She can spot errors in an instant, which saves money!

“I have enjoyed getting to know Judith and count her as a friend as well as a mentor. Working with her has been my good fortune.”

Joan McWilliamsThe Peace Finder—Riley McFee’s Quest for World Peace Creating Parenting Plans That Work

“One of the smartest decisions I have ever made was hiring Judith as my Book Shepherd. I had a story to tell, but no idea how to proceed beyond the completion of my manuscript. Judith guided me through revision, recommended an excellent editor and made contacts to publishers, all of which ultimately led to a publisher for Out Of Focus…Again. I admire Judith not only for her expertise, but also for her straight forwardness. She is no nonsense and tells it like it is which is what those of us who want to see our words in print completely appreciate. She saved me much time and thousands of dollars, and is the reason my completed book is of the quality I wanted. I continue to seek Judith’s advice as I promote my book and am currently writing a second one.”

Ann KochenbergerOut Of Focus…Again

“Judith Briles was a moving force in the development of my book; from the perfect tag line to her perfect edits to sharing all of her perfect resources. Above and beyond all of those very important contributions, Judith’s support and encouragement kept me moving, working and motivated to get my book the Power of Rituals for Women from a dream to a reality. Thank you Judith!!”

Linda Ann SmithPower of Rituals
The Book Shepherd