As an Author

“The faster authors figure out that they need a platform, the better off they’ll be. Judith’s book is a comprehensive, compelling, and compassionate guide to this process. If every author would read this book, they would be much more likely to succeed.”

Guy Kawasaki

“Author You, by Dr. Judith Briles, is a gift to any aspiring writer. In what she calls “The Author You” model, she systematically maps out the steps in planning, writing and promoting a book.
Briles doesn’t just lecture. She drags the reader into the process with nineteen different activities that force a fledgling writer to, for lack of a better term, “find himself.” Why, for instance, are you writing this book and how are you and your book different from other writers in your genre? How much time and money can you devote to the book? Are you developing a platform? A unique website? If you want to sell a lot of books, what’s your game plan? Who are the people you want to reach and what benefits does your book offer them? In short, she makes the author position himself, establish clear cut goals and the means to achieve them.

Briles, an award-winning author of 30 books, dynamically describes how develop a brand, distinguish the author and the book from the pack. She emphasizes the need for having a clear vision, a solid commitment and lots of passion about what the writer is doing. And her section on social media tools and how best to use them is in itself worth the price of the book.

I published my first novel last year and I wish I’d read Author You before I did. It would have saved me time, effort and money. There are probably 100 mistakes you can make in launching and promoting a book and I made 99 of them – some multiple times. Had I read Briles’ book, I would have avoided all or most of them. ”

Frank Victoria

“Judith Briles is the go-to person when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing your book. She helped me with my book, Relationship Rules, and it won a first place award right out the gate!!! It is because of Judith’s guidance and knowledge that myself and others can write a quality book with successful book sales. Know what you are doing, know what you want and do it with the least amount of effort and cost! Get this book if you have an interest in publishing what is near and dear to your heart.”

Janice Hoffman

“I have never seen this type of format before. I must say, I found it so friendly and I felt like she was standing behind me while I was thinking through the beginning process of writing. Haven’t started yet, but the fear is gone!”


“The information is presented in a easy to read and understand format. Good reading for someone wanting to publish a book.”

Barb Warner

“This is definitely a work book. There are pages with just a couple of questions on them, with a bunch of blank lines to write in. This is good, if that’s what you want. But it means there’s less content in the book. And honestly, I didn’t find the questions all that helpful. Perhaps if this was the FIRST book I read upon deciding I wanted to write my own book, and I was BRAND NEW to writing and publishing, it MIGHT have been more helpful.

It also seems to be more for authors going the traditional publisher route… not as much for the self-published authors out there… like me, maybe that’s why I didn’t find it particularly helpful or insightful.

All in all, ok, but not worth the money for me personally.”

Sarah Noel

“Judith Briles, the Book Shepherd, is an expert in both traditional and modern self-publishing. She helped me self-publish my first book by guiding me through all the steps found in Author YOU. Author YOU is an excellent progress journal for new writers who are working towards a salable manuscript.”

Wicked Goodies

“Dr. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd for a reason! She has written an easy-to-use, comprehensive and interactive workbook that provides a ‘business proposal for the serious writer’ who wants to take a creative idea, publish it and build in a plan for its success! Written in an engaging manner, Dr. Briles’ vision, passion and commitment make this a must-have book for writers of all stages of development!”


“I’ve known Judith for years and time and time again I see her educating and inspiring authors to be the best. This book is a fabulous guide and a *must* for anyone looking to publish. Over the years I’ve seen so many writers forget that publishing is a business and yet I see so many authors publishing their book without a clue as to what it takes to really be successful. I loved this book not just because of the information, but the voice, too. You can really “hear” Judith guiding you along the way – and she pulls no punches. Judith never dances around issues she addresses them head-on with insight, wit and always helpful. I will recommend this book to our authors and soon-to-be publishers. Don’t even consider publishing without it!”

Penny C. Sansevieri

“Dr. Judith Briles’ latest book, Author YOU, is a truly helpful, step-by-step guide on figuring out what an author platform IS and then making it happen in a big way. As a writer and creative soul myself, I love the wonderful colors, whimsical illustrations, and friendly layout. This book makes it fun to navigate the complex world of building your author platform and then making your book a true success. Highly recommended.”

Melody Jones
The Book Shepherd