The Authors Are Talking & Amazon Reviews Keep Coming …

“When I contacted award-winning author/business person/publisher, Dr. Judith Briles, and she said she would send her book, ‘Author You’, for review, I thought, “Okay….This should be interesting. It WAS! It was GREAT!

For all authors, it is a must! Whether you are a casual author or a serious one, this book has key points and creates an awareness in all that is involved in becoming an author. It is presented in a “workbook” fashion so you can analyze yourself and if it is truly what you are willing to do to make it worthwhile and successful.

Regardless what business ventures you are pursuing, applying this book’s instructions and layout – adjusting it to fit your individual needs – can benefit anyone creating a blog or business online. I found many parts of it that would have totally benefited me before beginning my blog!

Many aspects of online ventures are discussed it this remarkable book/workbook.

My policies are to donate the books I receive to the Library system for further reviews, but I am selfishly “holding on” to this was to benefit self, family and friends. I really feel ashamed not to share it with the public but not enough ashamed to give it up.

This book was generously sent for an honest review, of which a strong Five Stars rating is honestly given.”


L A Wonder

“This book really puts you into what you wish to accomplish with your book. It felt like I was writing a business plan. It was difficult to a point because it forced me to think about things I hadn’t thought of. It really helped me to focus on the purpose of my book and where I want it to go. The book grounds you into the real world of what it will take to succeed as an author. I thought writing the book was tough but I now believe it will be the marketing of the book. Lots of great information to help you succeed.”


Kathleen Flanagan

“It is phenomenal! Makes you think about things you didn’t even know you needed to think about. Guides you in your journey to create and build the author and book platforms. (They’re different!) The book is a gem and the author is a genius.”


Pat Morgan

“Judith creates a clear path forward to help potential authors get published. The book represents a distillation of her approach to coaching of aspiring authors. This is a refreshing change from so many of the books on publishing.”

Douglas Gilbert

“While I’m not overly fond of “cutsie” illustrations in serious books, this seems to work OK for me. There ARE a lot of “fill in the blank” pages – but I see that as helpful in getting your ideas/thoughts/goals in writing, which is always better than keeping them in your head. I do love the “design boards” which show how Judith organizes her plotting for a book….VERY good!! She is definitely the GO-TO lady for publishing!”

Joy Lawrance

“As a ‘closet author,’ the world of publishing seemed like a very daunting challenge, but “Author You” gave me a path to help really understand the practical steps that could take me from the closet to the bookshelf. Thank you Judith Briles for condensing a lifelong journey in the world of publishing between the covers of “Author YOU” and offering it to the many hopeful authors – like me!”

Suzanne Restle

“The faster authors figure out that they need a platform, the better off they’ll be. Judith’s book is a comprehensive, compelling, and compassionate guide to this process. If every author would read this book, they would be much more likely to succeed.”

Guy Kawasaki

“Author You, by Dr. Judith Briles, is a gift to any aspiring writer. In what she calls “The Author You” model, she systematically maps out the steps in planning, writing and promoting a book.

Briles doesn’t just lecture. She drags the reader into the process with nineteen different activities that force a fledgling writer to, for lack of a better term, “find himself.” Why, for instance, are you writing this book and how are you and your book different from other writers in your genre? How much time and money can you devote to the book? Are you developing a platform? A unique website? If you want to sell a lot of books, what’s your game plan? Who are the people you want to reach and what benefits does your book offer them? In short, she makes the author position himself, establish clear cut goals and the means to achieve them.

Briles, an award-winning author of 30 books, dynamically describes how develop a brand, distinguish the author and the book from the pack. She emphasizes the need for having a clear vision, a solid commitment and lots of passion about what the writer is doing. And her section on social media tools and how best to use them is in itself worth the price of the book.

I published my first novel last year and I wish I’d read Author You before I did. It would have saved me time, effort and money. There are probably 100 mistakes you can make in launching and promoting a book and I made 99 of them – some multiple times. Had I read Briles’ book, I would have avoided all or most of them.”

Frank Victoria

“Judith Briles is the go-to person when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing your book. She helped me with my book, Relationship Rules, and it won a first place award right out the gate!!! It is because of Judith’s guidance and knowledge that myself and others can write a quality book with successful book sales. Know what you are doing, know what you want and do it with the least amount of effort and cost! Get this book if you have an interest in publishing what is near and dear to your heart.”


Janice Hoffman

“I have never seen this type of format before. I must say, I found it so friendly and I felt like she was standing behind me while I was thinking through the beginning process of writing. Haven’t started yet, but the fear is gone!”

William Monsour