The Women Take …

I’ve been off the blog path for several months. A new book to finish (Stabotage! How to Deal with the Pit Bulls, Skunks, Snakes, Scorpions & Slugs in the Health Care Workplace–availabe late September 2008) and glued to the TV watching the November elections unfold.

With the Democratic Party finishing their big party, the GOP is set to go … with McCain announcing his candidate from far out right field.

Let’s talk about the Hillary supporters. She lost. Get over it. She was outcampaigned and outsmarted from the get-go. Text City won. Why any woman would say/broadcast and be stupid enough to be sucked into doing an ad that aired in prime time during the DNC supporting John McCain is truly beyond my comprehension. Her ignorance and stupidity is beyond belief.

Let’s look at why 18 million voted for Hillary Clinton. It’s about Positions and Politics and Experience and Vision and Leadership–all should be at the top of the list. Having internal plumbing, an off the wall sense of humor and preference for pant suits should have zip to do with it.

Now, if I felt that all things were truly equal and it was a tie, I would go with the woman because I would like to see a woman as President.

Barack Obama has positions, is a political animal, his experience is diffenent than Hillary’s, has tons of vision and leadership. With Hillary, people either love her or hate her. With Barack, people either love him or don’t know him. I’ve heard few say they hate him… although I’ve heard plenty cite the untrue emails that circulate–they are just ignorant for not checking them out. Hillary lost. Get over it.

Obama supports all the key issues that Hillary Clinton did/does. John McCain, and certainly the woman he selected to be the substitute “woman’s voice” is the furthest thing from anything that Clinton or Obama envision. Yep, she’s got internal plumbing… and understand this: she’s a trojan horse.

If any woman or any man who supported Hillary Clinton votes the McCain ticket, they deserve the public stoning they should get. How dare they throw their candidate’s belief in the gutter because they didn’t get their way? Boo-hoo. Unfortunately, if the McCain ticket prevails with the assist of the misguided, we are in deep, deep trouble.

The Clinton’s, however much they coveted the Oval Office again, must do everything in their power to support the Obama team. Their “misguided” need their tushes booted to a wake-up call before 3 AM ever gets the chance.

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