Traits of Highly Successful Authors

The 7 Traits of Highly Successful Authors
Trait # 1: The Author has a Platform
Contrary to what most say, the Platform IS NOT all about your following, your crowd. You can’t have a following if you don’t have two other things: a Vision and a Passion. Think of the Platform as a three-legged stool. If any one leg is missing, it no longer functions as intended. With the Author’s Vision, the Platform begins to come to life … the track it ventures on surfaces and with the Author’s Passion, the commitment is made, the reaching out is initiated.
Steps you can take to bring the crowd in to support your Vision and Passion include:
• Developing an on-line presence with social media, blogs, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
• Getting publicity
• Speaking—increasing your visibility, people want to take your “words” home.
• Writing articles in traditional print as well as online.
• Staying connecting with your followers—reach out to them!

If there is little to no real Vision, how can Passion for the topic, the character be developed and how would you be able to create a following to share that Vision and Passion? The true Author Platform is at the core of your success.

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