Trust Your Gut

Sometimes things work; sometimes they don’t. The deal breaker is know when it’s not working and ignore it … or chose to address it. The situation could involve something at work, a relationship, even a friendship.

Ignoring it is always the easy path … on the short term side. After all, things might change; they might improve; miracles can happen. Most likely, though, they won’t improve; the miracle doesn’t happen; and the gnat becomes an elephant.

Elephants leave big poop.

Now, you have to deal with it, which can be uncomfortable and usually not a fun event.

And, you have to look in the mirrow and address why you got in the pickle in the first place. The Why, What, and Ways not to get trapped, duped or caught up in the situation again rear for resolution and closure.

When your gut tells you that something is the wrong fit; it’s not working … trust it. Your intuitive side is usually on target. Listen to it … then do what needs to be done.

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