Who You Gonna Vote For?

I would never vote for anyone who tries to get the local librarian to ban books that she, Sarah Palin, doesn’t like passages in and then attempts to get the librarian fired; I would never vote for anyone that says that God tells her what to do a la the idiot Bush; I would never vote for anyone who would not support a woman’s choice on what to do with her body; I would never vote for anyone who is openly supported by the Evangelical right with their myopic mission; I would never support anyone who pooh-poohs that value of sex education, etc, etc, etc,

Sarah Palin is a shrewd small town politician with big dreams… she’s getting them… and I don’t think she much cares about her family if they get beaten down in the pathway to reach for them. This woman isn’t squeaky clean and there are lots of questions, valid questions about her.

To me, she’s a Trojan Horse, a Pit Bull with Lipstick and a Zealot…. the last thing this country needs is more right wing, religious and self-serving models… hasn’t anyone learned their lessons with Cheney and Bush?

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