The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? To be Visible

Why should you write a book? Let me continue to count the ways:

#9 Because people will find you. Having your name on a book cover can bring people to you—if you are a consultant, trainer, speaker or anyone who has a product to sell/offer—including you as the product—books are a terrific way to create a path to your doorstep. Think of your book as a 24/7 agent—with its cover and description available via the search engines and proudly offered in the Internet book stores, your market is truly global.

If you want to make your mark, increase your presence, become a media expert, a sought after speaker or consultant, or simply reinvent yourself, a book can be your best friend.

2 Comments on The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? To be Visible

  1. I’ve been enjoying your Why Write a Book series, Judith. There are far too few voices who stand up for quality self-publishing, as you do. We’ve noticed that many consultants, speakers and business pros gravitate to the subsidy publishers, simply because they don’t know there’s an alternative. Of course this is a grave mistake. For anyone who may be interested, I wrote a blog post about this topic here:

    Michele DeFilippo
    1106 Design
    Your Book. Designed. With Hand-holding.

  2. The Book Shepherds says:

    Hi Michelle… wait until you see the long one I’m about to post… 5 changes in publishing

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