The Book Shepherds: Why should you write a book? To Create Speaking Career

Why should you write a book? Let me continue to count the ways:

#5 Books support a speaking career. This is where having the Expert Factor flies in your door. You’ve got a book. You have a mouth. Put them together. Sending your book and placing it physically in the hands of a meeting planner, as well as extra copies for a decision committee, moves you into a short list position.

By determining the theme for the meeting or conference, you can create a “hook” to tie in the topic of your book directly—creating a partnership. Offer free articles for the group’s newsletters, always mentioning the title of your book. Supports pre-sales as well as onsite sales.

If you want to make your mark, increase your presence, become a media expert, a sought after speaker or consultant, or simply reinvent yourself, a book can be your best friend.

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