Social Media Unplugged – MAY

Would you like to turn YOU and the BOOK you have or are creating into the book and authoring success you want?

Would you be willing to trade just 1 day, either Friday or Saturday over the weekend to get all the social media influence-building and positioning information you need … information and strategies that will create the success ladder to be an awesome author?  

It’s time to get your social media mojo rekindled!
it’s time for Kick Butt Influencing May 19-20, 2023

May 19- Online $197

May 20 – In-Person $237

Alumni $150

Awesome authors came from everywhere …

where will you come from?

May 19-20, 2023 will change your authoring life …

Experience either Friday ONLINE via Zoom or Saturday IN-Person with Judith starts 9 A.M. Friday and Saturday … no pitches, just Judith Briles’ Social Media Unplugged delivering an amazing depth of publishing, authoring, and marketing information that she has derived from her 30-plus years in the publishing field and as The Book Shepherd. 

This is the WHY
This is the STRATEGY
This is the HOW
This is the WHAT to USE
This is the

Create the bestseller you dream of … turn into the award-winning and sought-after author you aspire to … get the answers to the questions you have … all of them … become the influencer you and your book should be.

Judith is the master book publishing coach and guide. It’s why she’s The Book Shepherd.

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May 19-20, 2023

  • Avoid the Common Social Media Snafus  that even seasoned authors make.
  • Bash Social Media Myths … avoiding these commonly embraced beliefs will catapult you over barriers and potholes most authors practice.
  • Create Your Unique Magnet Profile … what will make you shine and rise above the author crowd and lure followers in.
  • Embrace the power of Instagram… build your followers and convert them to book revenues.
  • Implement Pivoting Social Media Strategies …with the right no-brainer steps, you will be able to quickly determine if a social media tool or strategy is the right fit or to be avoided.
  • Become a Top Influencer in Your Niche … become the whale in your pond, not a sardine in the author sea.

And then, get ready to come away with:

  • A personalized strategy to create and develop your social media strategy.
  • Juicy ahas, steps, and tools on how to soar from your book birthday forward.
  • How-tos, re-directs, and the latest and greatest in strategies to goose your influence on higher levels.
  • Learn how to create a PRE book launch that sells books and gets you noticed, you will learn how.
  • How to flip and morph what you are currently doing.
  • Activities Judith walks everyone
  • Discover, learn a social media marketing blitz you won’t believe in front of your eyes!
  • Re-evaluate what platforms work best for which books and how to drill down into them.
  • Creating your Social Media Game Plan.
  • The latest in gizmos, gadgets.
  • Create your ideal Timeline for social media success.
  • Participate in hot seats, that will create a highlight for you and your book… How cool is that?

The Book Shepherd’s Social Media Unplugged is not just another publishing conference where you sit in your seat and take notes—expect extraordinarily high interaction for Online workshops, plenty of “to-do” Activities—you will not only listen and hear The Book Shepherd, but you will also immediately implement what she says.

  • There will mini-breaks throughout the day.
  • There will be high content.
  • There will be fun.

It is your next, next step to authoring and book success. Be there. You and Your Book can’t afford not to be.

Call Judith, determine if this is the “right fit” for you and your book now. Call 303-885-2207 or email Don’t delay.

In other words, your life as an author will be morphed.

JOIN ME and lots of awesome authors at this year’s Judith Briles’ Social Media Unplugged. It will deliver extraordinarily high interaction, plenty of “to-do” Activities and Hot Seats—you will not only listen and hear The Book Shepherd, but you will also immediately implement what she says. As the author of 45 books (2 more are in the works!), many best-selling and award-winning, she knows publishing. Limited to a small number of participants, each will receive individual attention and walk away with a personalized Game Plan.

It is your next, next step to authoring and book success

May 19-20, 2023 two afternoons that will change your author life. Who better to captain your journey than Book Publishing and Marketing Expert, Dr. Judith Briles?

There are no refunds 30 days before the event.
There will be a $100 cancellation fee.

The detailed workbook will be mailed to you two weeks in advance of the first session.

Register now by calling 303-885-2207 or 303-585-1969 —get the EARLY Bird pricing ends May 14th, … not far off, but why not commit now and pay a little each quarter? Rates will increase $100 on May 15, 2023—sign up NOW!

WOOT … Judith has a payment plan if desired, just call the office at 303-885-2207

People are talking about past Unpluggeds!

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful training and opportunity of being there. I’ve come away with direction and full intent to succeed using as much of the valuable information you shared last week as possible.
– Ronald Beach, Colorado

This was so worthwhile and helpful–I came away with so much on my “to-do” list. Thank You!
                                                          – Joyce Sawyer, Ohio

Intense … Inspiration … Useful… big takeaway was book launches and how to think about them as well as focusing on social media.
                                                          – Chuck Fischer, Alabama

I loved the creative energy and the high use of visuals. I learned so much in the past two days that my head is swimming. Very dynamic—I loved it! This is the best publishing conference I’ve attended.
                                                          – Pat Morgan, Tennessee

I came back for the second year and came away with more information and more content than I could imagine. Two days of Judith’s vast knowledge is an awesome experience! It was over my expectations where were already high.
                                                          – Rhondda Hartman, Colorado

Insightful, thorough, humorous, touching, fascinating, educating, loving, caring, EXPERTISE! I truly, truly enjoyed it—thank you!
                                                          –Heather Elliott, Canada

WOW … information overload!
                                                          –Courtney Miller, Colorado

I don’t believe that one or two sentences would do this conference justice … it was way off the charts!
                                                          –Greg Hickman, Texas

Zippy, Zappy, Zeowy! Fun energy! I got sucked into her vortex and I didn’t want to leave! This surpassed my expectations.
                                                          – Claryss Nan Jamieson, Hong Kong

May 19- Online $197



May 20 – In-Person $237 



Alumni $150