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Judith Briles is as successful as she is busy authoring over 45 published books in here writing career.

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Honored to be named a “Woman of Distinction” through the Girl Scouts of Colorado , Dr. Judith Briles and to be the Founder of the Colorado Authors’ Hall of Fame

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Would you like to know how powerful you, your book and experiences are and how they can influence and change others one word at a time? Would you like to turn your book, your ideas, your mouth into a business that creates a lifestyle woven with travel, fun, global friends and financial success? You can with the smart and savvy strategies, you will reveal in this interactive and fun intensive workshop. With over 35 years of speaking on the platform, Dr. Judith Briles will show you how to become a successful professional speaker … a speaker that will soar your book sales. Find out more Here.

Gatherings are monthly, usually the second Saturday with hot coffee and teas welcoming those who come. Each AuthorYOU SALON begins with an answer to a question that has been posted by the participants. Find out more about how you can be part of our AuthorYOU community head Here.


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Authors who need a crash course in book publishing before they write; need to create demand for books that aren’t selling; who want to learn the latest strategies in marketing, publicity and how to keep the sanity in an overwhelm world can learn the inside secrets of how to create, write and market the book success that they envision during a Caribbean cruise by going Here.


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There are 23 steps in your journey … a journey where you could pay someone to travel and implement for you … or one where you can roll up your sleeves and learn how to create, implement, and execute. As in DIY. You can find out more information about how to take your journey Here.


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Would you like to turn YOU and the BOOK you have or are creating into the book and authoring success you want?

Would you be willing to trade just 2 afternoons over the weekend to get all the social media influence building and positioning information you need … information and strategies that will create the success ladder to be an awesome author? Find out more Here

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