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Judith Briles is as successful as she is busy authoring over 38 published books in here writing career.

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Honored to be named a “Woman of Distinction” through the Girl Scouts of Colorado , Dr. Judith Briles and to be the Founder of the Colorado Authors' Hall of Fame

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The Holidays are coming, be on alert for the predators and scams

Book Marketing Publishing Predators
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During the Holiday months, your phone, your email, and your mailbox may be hiding scammers under the guise of charity. Get tips to protect yourself.

Top Ten Twitter Tweets of October 16, 2021

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Good Authoring Day to YOU  https://thebookshepherd.com/ Happy Saturday to you … Looking forward to the AuthorYOU

Author Smarts: Creating Your Copyright Page

Author Success Book Marketing Publishing
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Every book should have a copyright page. The Book Shepherd Judith Briles identifies the essential elements every author should include in their book.

Discover the Author Gems of the Night

Author Success Colorado Author’s Hall of Fame
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What happens with visual glitz, outrageous author talent, and positive energy bouncing off the wall? It’s the Authors’ Hall of Fame Induction and main event.

Should I start a podcast?

Author Success Podcasts Uncategorized
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Are You Thinking… Should I start a podcast? Everywhere I turn, I hear that I should host my own podcast. I mean, it must

Top Ten Twitter Tweets of September 25, 2021

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Good Authoring Day to YOU                Happy Saturday to you … This past

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