Secret Journey

The Secret Journey Creates a New World

The year is 1,000 AD and suddenly, Lisa’s safe, carefree world unravels. Can she escape from the mayhem and chaos that promises to come crashing down on her very being … from her wicked mother … her drunken stepbrother … and the greedy church?

Will Lisa get to Paris?

Will Ezra welcome and help her?

Will she discover who killed her Papa?

Will the Voice that invades her sleep continue to guide her?

Will she ever feel safe and loved again?

Authors Brian Barnes and Judith Briles weave a book falls open and the reader falls into a historical fiction novel that unravels the darkness of the 11th century. Out of the darkness comes the empowerment of Lisa … and the future empowerment of women.

The Secret Journey is Book 1 of the Harmonie Books Series, followed by Book 2 The Secret Hamlet, Book 3 The Secret Rise, and Book 4, The Secret Awakening

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