Authors Walk

Every walk has a first step. For Aspiring Authors, it starts here … 

Dr. Judith Briles takes you along on her walk to become a writer … after she became an author … harnessing her sheer grit to achieve publishing success.

Rich with personal anecdotes and nuggets of wisdom for your personal author success, The Author’s Walk is a book you will come back to when you need inspiration, honest advice, and insight, a thunderbolt to boost getting your book started or completed, a reminder that you have an author friend who has walked the path multiple times and is there to offer her hand.  

  • Embrace your steps, not others, to claim your author’s walk.
  • Tips for dealing with the nosedives that will lead to a soar.
  • Engage the power of self-care and setting boundaries with others.
  • Welcome the wisdom, the chaos, and the truthiness of your words.

Your words matter. You can write your book. It’s The Author’s Walk you will take, step-by-step.

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