Pick Judith’s Brain

Pick Judith’s Brain

Dr. Judith is an innovative and creative writing coach, book coach, and how-to-get-published expert who can expertly assist you with your book and publishing project. She has mentored up-and-coming authors and publishers for years and dedicated untold hours to educating others to the pitfalls, and joys, of the publishing world.

Have questions about your book, the publishing process, writing, etc.?

Pick Judith’s Brain to get assistance with your questions!

She will tell you her opinion, give recommendations – resources – advice.

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How to Book Time with Judith

You have two scheduling options:

30 Minute Session


60 Minute Session

Click the appropriate link above to purchase your time. Once you have completed the purchase, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to Judith’s online calendar where you can schedule your time.

ITEMS TO NOTE: Pre-payment is required before a session is conducted.

Refunds are not issued if
(1) you are not prepared for the call
(2) do not show up for the call.

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Here’s to you, your writing and your book!
Judith, Your Book Shepherd