Website Media

Create the Media Tab on Your Website. Your Commitment: $850 ( members, $500)

Authors, Books, and the Media belong together. The Book Shepherd has created a special package to create the full content to be sent to your webmaster to build the tab and declare it DONE. All you need to do is add photos that could be used in a newspaper, magazine, or podcast. We will make suggestions to you of what to include.

You will get a one-on-one interview with a staff member to create:

  • A template for future press releases
  • Your professional designed Author or Book One-Sheet, single side, with graphics
  • 4 press releases … additional press releases will cost $50
  • The Media is Talking page to add links to items when they occur
  • Customized Written Pitch to be used for producers/host
  • Key questions for Interviews, including Introduction for Host
  • A Fun Facts page about you
  • Recommendations for photos

Interested in participating? eMail or call Judith directly to see if you qualify to participate in the Create Your Website MEDIA Tab Power program to her directly.