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Finding the right publishing professionals to work with, and trust can be daunting for many authors. Below are individuals and companies that Judith refers to for printing, interior design, cover design, illustrations, cartoons, websites, coaching, editing, author virtual assistance, book marketing, author photography, book reviews, legal, warehousing, fulfillment, eBooks, social media, shipping, distribution, book trailers and much more.


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Join Author Friendly Fridays: a fun, sharing, and dynamic closed group. It’s a full hour when you can ask questions—any question. And I always include a few strategies to get your authoring life ahead of the competition. It’s for paid subscribers ONLY and we do it on Zoom.

This is how each session starts: I share a few strategies, tips, and tools that attendees can immediately start to use. IMMEDIATELY! All share … and ask plenty of questions. They get answers. For authors, it’s the perfect way to start a Friday. Those of you who aren’t participating, you are making a mistake. I love the variety of books and authors who have chosen to participate. What’s also fun, is the energy that can be felt with what everyone is working on. Love it!

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INDEXING By John; John Maling
8122 S. Quatar Cir. 
Aurora CO. 80016
Phone: 303-885-4460 eMail: Website: Services: Editing of Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry; Indexing  … John Maling is both a multi-award winning author in his own right plus an award-winning editor. The difference between an awful book and a so-so book is an editor; the difference between a so-so book and a good book is an editor; and the difference between a good book and a great book is an editor. Every author needs an editor. Period. An editor should be able to assess your book quickly, identify areas that need addressing and supply suggestions to polish and add panache to your work. It is critical that an editor maintain the author’s “voice.”



  BlueInk Review, LLC Patti Thorn or Patricia Moosbrugger 5910 S. University Blvd. Suite C-18 Greenwood Village, CO 80121 eMail: or Website: Services: Serious reviews of self-published books. BlueInk Review offers honest, objective book reviews of self-published titles. Founded by Patti Thorn, former book review editor of the Rocky Mountain News, and Patricia Moosbrugger, an internationally known literary agent, BlueInk offers reviews penned by professional critics and writers whose bylines have appeared in major newspapers such as the New York Times, Washington Post and Chicago Tribune and senior level editors from major New York publishing houses such as Viking and Crown. Completed reviews run on the BlueInk website, which has special features designed to help publishers and literary agents find promising new material and to help librarians and booksellers discover titles their patrons will be interested in, such as those written by local authors or set in their regions. AuthorYOU members get a discount to blueink.   A BookLife Review is a respectful, knowledgeable, detailed review of your book that includes a variety of marketing insights and critical assessments, all crafted by a professional Publishers Weekly reviewer who’s an expert in your genre or field. The mission of BookLife Reviews is to support indie authors through one of the most challenging parts of self-publishing: marketing the finished book. An honest and detailed 300-word review from BookLife Reviews highlights your book’s strengths and analyzes its potential for reaching an audience while giving you a valuable assessment of ways that future editions or future books can be made even better. Marketing insights help you target promotional efforts to the readers who are most likely to enjoy your book, and the review is designed to provide accurate, positive quotes and a pithy one-sentence takeaway aimed directly at the book’s best audience. For just $399, you’re guaranteed to receive a review within six weeks (four weeks for an additional expediting fee). Marketing can be complicated and daunting; a BookLife Review will help to guide you through. AuthorYOU members save 10%.   



  F + P Graphic Logo F + P Graphic DesignRebecca Finkel 1709 Rolling Gate Road Fort Collins, CO 80526 Phone: 970.223-1375 Email: Website:   Services: Book cover and interior design, eBooks, interactive Inkling books Nationally and regionally recognized, award-winning book design. I work closely with authors to create a unique book integrating text, photos, and graphics. I pride myself on completing projects on time and on budget. I also convert books into any eBook format, increasing your market potential.





Don Sidle 303-521-6268 1401 Dahlia St. Denver, CO 80220 Cell: 303-521-6268 Services: Your One-Stop Shopping for cartoons, illustrations, drawings, logos, graphics or if you need a fresh art tweak—just about any artwork you will need. We love to create fun art, serious art, cartoons—we believe that we can find a creative solution to any graphic dilemma. Detailed, realistic drawings in a variety of mediums: graphite, colored pencil, water color or pen and ink. Look through the website at or call 303-521-6268 to get your project off the ground or rescue it.



  The Book Shepherd – Judith BrilesBadge samp 1 14160 E Bellewood Dr. Aurora, CO 80015 Phone: 303-885-2207 eMail: Website: Services:Author/Book coaching and shepherding, creating Author Platforms. Congratulations … your book is the start of something big. The Book Shepherd’s forte is strategic planning, creating the Author’s Platform, book development and creating the right habits that overcome fear and lethargy that are common in the publishing process. Judith offers professional consulting services associated with all aspects of publishing—self, independent and traditional—and project management services for independent publishers.


Try Kitchen Table Writing Workshop with expert Writing Muse, ANNE RANDOLPH. Work on your novel, fresh writing, or write marketing copy. Learn techniques to write freely. Stimulate ideas.  Learn to create swiftly.   Kitchen Table Writing and Write Your Life Story become a safe place to experiment with your writing, get inspiration, and take your creativity to a new level.  


Write Right – Mara PurlMara-Purl-Color-crop

1837 S. Nevada, Suite 209, Colorado Springs, CO Phone: 719-227-1629 eMail: Website: & Mara’s background: Author: Best-selling, multiple-award-winning author of the fiction series The Milford-Haven Novels & Stories; co-author of the best-selling trade book Act Right: A Manual for the On-Camera Actor. Publisher: Founder of Haven Books; former president of Colorado Independent Publishers Association; former Vice President of Women Writing the West; former Board Friend to IBPA, Independent Book Publishing Association; current Board Member of Author U. Services for Authors: Writing: Specific author coaching including story structure, narrative voice, dialogue, story arcs, and character development; genre research and protocols; editing Publishing & Marketing: Branding & Author Platform, website core concepts, cover concepts, blog structure & outlining, blog tour design, newsletter design, Pinterest concepts, FaceBook pages, Twitter campaigns. At Haven Books, we do “synergy publishing”—pulling together a team to fully realize your marketing plan whether you are indie-published, or traditionally published. We don’t use the term “self” publishing, because you hire an expert you have gone beyond “self.” We do not offer any “off the rack” publishing-packages. Instead, think of us as a contour boutique who listens carefully to your goals, then creates a tailored plan to help you fulfill your author dream. For NonFiction authors — I specialize in Creative Non-Fiction, which includes Memoire. And I specialize in theme-based manuals and text books for theatre & media arts. For Fiction authors — I love working with authors of all fiction genres. Programs available for download include:
  • Fiction Factors: Build Your Book and Soar into the Publishing Skyline (a 6-part/ 5-hour webinar, recorded live at Author U Book Camp
  • Ten Keys to Creativity — a 10-part interactive workbook program developed for the Colorado Women’s Foundation
  • World Building: Constructing a Fictional World — a seminar created for the San Luis Obispo NightWriters
  • Text & Sub-Text — a seminar given at Author U, Colorado Springs Conservatory, & SLO NightWriters



1106 Design, LLC /Michelle DeFilippo, owner 1106-design copy E-mail: Website: Phone: (602) 866-3226 610 E. Bell Rd. Ste 2-139 Phoenix, AZ 85022   1106 Design is your one-stop source for manuscript editing, book design and self-publishing advice, with hand-holding. We offer best-seller quality manuscript editing, book cover design, and book interior design services to make your book as good as it can be, one that will impress buyers and reviewers alike. If you’re overwhelmed with the conflicting and often suspect information offered online by large companies catering to the “hobbyist” publisher, rest easy. We’re NOT a self-publishing company. We’ll patiently walk you through all the necessary steps to self-publish your book the legitimate (and profitable) way. You’ll talk to real people who fell in love with books a long time ago, not telemarketers working from a script. We’ll work closely with you to create a beautiful, easy-to-read book that others will fall in love with, too. When your book is complete, every penny of revenue is yours, forever (other than printing costs and unavoidable retailer discounts). We never “share” your profits. We’ll offer helpful advice, specific to your situation, and we’ll even tell you if you don’t need one of our services. (The nuns who taught us are dead, but they’re still watching.) Book publishing is a fiercely competitive business. Amazon will display your book next to similar best sellers, so your book must measure up to succeed. For complete information, please visit our website at where you can subscribe to our weekly Tips and Tools and download my free book, “Publish Like the Pros: A Brief Guide to Quality Self-Publishing,” We work for authors across the US, and beyond. All you need is a completed manuscript and an internet browser. Let’s go! AuthorYOU members get a discount to 1106 design. 


  NZGraphics Nick Zelinger NZbanner2010 copy

Nick Zelinger
NZ Graphics
720-560-3390 Website: Services: Book cover & interior layout, logos, graphics Specializing in design for the printing of books, catalogs, newsletters, posters, ad design, postcards, brochures, corporate identity packages and logo design. Compelling graphic design that meets your deadlines and does not blow your budget. Special rates for all AuthorYOU members. For more information call 720-560-3390 or email:  


F + P Graphic Logo   F + P Graphic DesignRebecca Finkel 1709 Rolling Gate Road Fort Collins, CO 80526 Phone: 970.223-1375 Email: Website: Services: Book cover and interior design, eBooks, interactive Inkling books Nationally and regionally recognized, award-winning book design. I work closely with authors to create a unique book integrating text, photos, and graphics. I pride myself on completing projects on time and on budget. I also convert books into any eBook format, increasing your market potential.



Co-Founder and CEO:  Pierce Gaynor Don’t let your writing slip through the cracks. Discover the tool that delivers an editor and AI at your fingertips. is ready to be unwrapped for you the author, and your manuscript’s pleasure.
  • Are you ready to discover the potential copy and line edits and how original your manuscript is? How would you like to have an editor a click away 24/7? You can and minimal dollars!
  • Then get set to learn about a hot new website for authors and writers that recommends improvements to the manuscript as comments specific to each work that is analyzed and evaluated. All comments are available for download in Microsoft Word’s Track Changes.
Fixional is an editorial tool that evaluates clarity, originality, and in writing. It integrates artificial intelligence with your working manuscript and identifies cliches, over usage of words and phrases, even if your writing style changes—common when an author works on and off over a span of time—including years! Think of Fixional as an author’s and writers new best friend that provides both a high-level overview as well as granular feedback, Fixional’s corrections, suggestions, and insights can help you hone your craft and your manuscript. Fixional is thrilled to offer AuthorYOU members 20% off monthly and annual fees.  Check out the “how it works” here:

 Barb Wilson

is the owner and CEO of With over thirty years of experience in editing/proofreading, she has edited numerous books in all genres, from nonfiction to children’s stories to erotica. She specializes in developmental (content) edits and also offers additional services such as manuscript critiquing/evaluation, proofreading, and lineBarbWilson-web page edits. Her enthusiasm for the craft of writing and her positive approach to working through obstacles like writer’s block, POV problems, head-hopping, and plot arc issues will help you complete your project—while having less stress and more fun! Check out her web page at to see the variety of services currently offered. She can combine multiple services, and customize them to fit your particular project needs. Editing doesn’t need to be a painful, drawn-out process—her long list of repeat clients can attest to that! Website: Phone: 989-284-8769 (EST) eMail: 2226 Rudy Court Midland, MI 48642 Services: Currently offering content editing for fiction and non-fiction, detailed critiques, copy editing, and ghostwriting. Barb specializes in enhancing the flow, clarity, and power of your work, ensuring no reader will want to put it down. She believes a great editor/author relationship is based on collaboration, communication, and respect. Newbie authors more than welcome! Ask about a free sample edit. AuthorYOU members get 10% off of editing services.   


Editing and INDEXING By John; John Maling 
8122 S. Quatar Cir. 
Aurora CO. 80016
Phone: 303-885-4460 eMail: Website: Services: Editing of Nonfiction, Fiction and Poetry; Indexing  … John Maling is both a multi-award winning author in his own right plus an award-winning editor. The difference between an awful book and a so-so book is an editor; the difference between a so-so book and a good book is an editor; and the difference between a good book and a great book is an editor. Every author needs an editor. Period. An editor should be able to assess your book quickly, identify areas that need addressing and supply suggestions to polish and add panache to your work. It is critical that an editor maintain the author’s “voice.”



Legal Help & IP Law

Julie is a registered patent and intellectual property attorney who brings twenty-five years of experience to the table. Julie focuses her practice on US and international patents, US and international trademarks, copyrights, intellectual property portfolio strategy and management, transactions and licenses, and technology transfer. Julie provides balanced general, transactional, and intellectual property legal advice based on her significant experience and proven track record related to patents, copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and the structuring and negotiation of licenses and other agreements. Free Intellectual Property Consultation AuthorYOU members get a free consultation valued up to $400 

PR & Marketing

  Mitchell Davis 202-333-5000  Are You Ready to Grab the Media’s Attention? Are you an Expert? If you are an AUTHOR, you are! Use the ExpertClick system to get known; to get called; and to send out your own press releases in a nationwide distribution. Link your blog that will in turn sent it to the press distribution channels. Use the ExpertClick press room to choose among 39 topics that link tens of thousands of other news releases to your press room, and then link them to promote your website. Discover how to Use PR to Boost Your SEO and Get Found Online as an Expert, starting now! Call Mitchell Davis at 202-333-5000 or email him at and position yourself in the media’s eye.

AuthorYOU members get a 15% discount

There are 3 reasons you need this tool!
  1. Push technology for your news releases — pushing your news out ten ways including Google News. Plus, blog syndication to pull your posts and push syndicate. — PR Week called us: “dating service of PR.”
  2. Internet Press Room designed for SEO with inbound links from tens of thousands of other member’s press rooms and news releases – driving inbound links to your website. — USA Today called our website: “A Hot Site.”
  3.  Be in the 35th annual Yearbook of Experts, Authorities & Spokespersons. — The New York Times called it: “Dial-an-Expert.”

Save 10% with the Bublish Book Marketing Platform. Bublish is a publishing technology company that offers cloud-based tools, metrics and resources to equip today’s business-savvy authors for success. An innovative, award-winning platform, Bublish empowers “authorpreneurs” by providing a complete social marketing and digital publishing solution. Launched at Book Expo America in June of 2012, Bublish is changing the way writers share their stories and reach their readers. Thousands of authors around the world use Bublish to promote their work and build their brand.  Take advantage of one of the hottest ways to build buzz around your book—it’s Book Bubbles. AuthorU Gold members get a discount from the annual membership. Watch your social media Klout build and visitors finding you. The result: sales. Get 10% off at an AuthorYOU member. Follow us: @BublishMe,,  and
Foreword Reviews is a Folio Award-winning magazine, and the only journal exclusively dedicated to reviewing books from independent publishers, university presses, and self-publishers. Each issue features 150+ book reviews, in-depth articles previewing category trends, book-industry specific opinion pieces, and bound special sections covering award winners, audiobooks, and more. VIP AuthorYOU Members get a free 1-year subscription to Foreword Magazine. AuthorYOU Members also get
  • 15% off website ads and FTW ads.
  • 15% off Clarion Reviews
  • 15% off Trade shows
  • 15% off Subscription Renewals.

Casey Demchak, Copywriter & Consultant Award-winning copywriter and consultant Casey Demchak writes marketing materials that sell books. The marketing message platforms he creates for authors include back cover copy, Amazon descriptions, website sales pages, eblast promotion copy, author bios, and more. Learn more at AuthorYou members will receive a 10% discount on all projects!
      Want to take your book sales and marketing to the next level? We can teach you everything you need to sell your books. New Shelves Books offers sales and marketing training, guidance, and services to self-published and other authors, small presses, and independent publishers. Some of the programs  include:
  • Library Mailing to over 4000 libraries with follow up
  • Bookstore sales Mailing to over 2000 Bookstores with follow up
  • A 90 Day LIFT OFF program where we personally pitch 100 bookstores or libraries with a book and provide individual sales services INCLUDING creating all the materials and then training the author to continue on their own.  (great deal… training, access to $700 Class AND personal sales presentations by my staff)
  • AMS ad campaign for 30 days with a full report and list of keywords provided at the end so authors can continue to advertise on their own
  • Consulting with me
  • Amazon reviewer campaign where we approach over 3000 personally curated Amazon reviewers for your authors. 
AuthorYOU members Get 20% off of any products and programs from New Shelves. Contact Amy Collins at: 



Robin Cutler Manager

  IngramSpark is a one-stop publishing platform that delivers print and digital distribution services to the book industry via print on demand. You don’t need to start up a storage space for your book, and you don’t have to worry about the upfront cost of offset printing. They ship books for you. Ingram Spark also makes digital copies of your book available to every major e-book retailer in the world. For additional information, please visit our website at AuthorYOU members get free title setup with Ingram Spark. 
Color House Graphics is a nationwide printing and book manufacturing company that provides digital and offset printing, eBook conversions, and custom binding and finishing. With quick response manufacturing and personalized service, you will quickly learn that CHG is your go-to manufacturer for all of your production needs. Visit and request a quote for your next project.   As an AuthorYOU member, you can save 5% on new print orders.
Sandy Gould
Direct Sales Manager
CHG: Where trust, technology and experience come together.
P: 616.241.1916 Ext. 242 | Toll Free: 800.454.1916 Ext. 242 E:

Sheridan Books Inc.   sheri

Website: Kathy Brown – Sales Representative Phone: (734) 475-9145 When it comes to books, Sheridan leaves no page unturned. At Sheridan, you will find a partner that helps you evaluate your possibilities, providing advice and expertise, and is there from beginning to end. We offer print options to fit your every need – from one copy to 50,000+, one-color through four-color, paperback to case bound. Furthermore, we can convert your content to popular eBook formats and provide eCommerce solutions to get your titles into the hands of your readers directly from your website.  So when you’re ready to turn your book content into a reality, be it print or electronic, or are considering how you can easily make your content available to your readers directly, contact Sheridan. Sheridan is a division of CJK Group, Inc.


Total Printing System Untitled-1

Charlie Tlapa, National Accounts Manager

Phone: 618-783-2978 E-mail: Website: 201 S Gregory Dr. Newton, IL 62448 Total Printing Systems is committed to pushing technology further, utilizing the strengths of technology and combining those strengths with over 25 years of experience in the book manufacturing industry. The result of this combination of technology and experience has brought Total Printing Systems to the forefront of the digital book manufacturing industry. In 1997, our company was one of the first book manufacturers to utilize CTP (computer-to-plate) technology. In 1998, we were among the first printing companies to launch a fully interactive website that allowed complete and immediate project pricing. Today we are at it again. Total Printing Systems is the first book manufacturer in the world to install the new Scitex VersaMark digital web press. This exciting new technology allows our company to offer unparalleled flexibility and capacity along with an economical price. The VersaMark has variable cutoff and allows a number of different sizes of web rolls. This flexibility allows us to manufacture just about any trim size with little waste and offer some of the most competitive prices available.  


 Social Media Aspirin Do you suffer from Facebook fever, hashtag headaches, or Insta irritations? Melody Jones, Founder & CEO of Social Media Aspirin™ for Writers and Authors, is here to take your pain away. Learn how to use social media successfully in the company of fellow authors by joining her online community Social Media Aspirin™ for Writers and Authors at There are two subscription levels for your convenience: annual and monthly. Additional social media services:
  • Expert individual coaching sessions to help you learn to manage social media effectively via Zoom or possibly in person for those who live in the Denver Metro area
  • Customized workshops, seminars and keynotes to author groups and organizations seeking to learn current social media strategies and management techniques
Visit Melody’s website for more information at or contact Melody directly at She may also be reached by voicemail at 303-946-3848. Authors are encouraged to follow Melody on social media.
  • Facebook: com/socialmediamelody
  • Twitter: @SocMediaMelody
  • Instagram: com/socialmediamelody
  • LinkedIn: com/in/melodyajones


  KAOS Studio

Services: Web Design, Graphical Content, Photo Editing, Logos & Branding, Social Media Campaigns & Content, Book Design. I’m here to help you build a strong visual identity for your brand. Whatever your needs are, KAOS Studio brings order to your chaos.

  Kelsey Owens KAOS STUDIO LLC (303) 912-1702
Kelly Johnson, Certified Professional Virtual Assistant  CornerstoneVirtualAssistance1 copy Website: Email: Phone: 303.840.5994 Kelly Johnson, founder of Cornerstone Virtual Assistance, specializes in working with authors and coaches to manage the technical, creative and administrative projects for your business. Kelly strives to move a client’s business to the next level by ensuring that the foundation of your business is supported through managing projects and proposing creative ideas to help achieve success. Cornerstone Virtual Assistance was started in 2004; the decision to establish it stemmed from her desire to have more time to work one-on-one with clients in a collaborative partnership that permits her to practice the belief that “Together Everyone Accomplishes More (TEAM).” Kelly was an instructor at the VA Technical School; she created and taught the class, “Product Development: Assist Clients with Creating Products That Demonstrate Their Expertise.” She has been a presenter for local organizations and has been teaching social media workshops to authors since 2010 with Dr. Judith Briles, founder of Author U. Her clients have shared that due to her experience and technical skills, she should list as a service on her website “instant stress reduction,” and that they appreciate being able to have her as a sounding board for discussing business ideas and strategy. Certifications: *Certified Professional Author’s Assistant *Shopping Cart Certified Strategist *Certified Article Writing Coach *Hootsuite Certification Online Trainings include: Video creation Facebook Pages Podcasting Some of the tasks that Cornerstone Virtual Assistance may offer to clients include the following:
  • Website maintenance
  • Blog posting and maintenance
  • Creating videos using Animoto
  • Facebook Pages
  • Install
  • Shopping Cart set-up and maintenance
  • Setting up LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and SlideShare accounts
  • Developing/Compiling reference materials
  • Newsletter management
  • Event coordination
  • Proofreading articles
  • Creating information packets
  • Setting up autoresponders
  • Manage vendor relations
  • Submit articles to online directories
  • …the possibilities are virtually endless!
Streamlined Business Solutions, LLC

HOW DO WE DO IT? Streamlined Business Solutions is here to help small business owners attract more clients and GROW their business. To do this, we begin with affordable web design but it doesn’t end there… when we build your website, we also include business consulting & support to help you find even more ways to attract attention and GROW! So speak to us before you spend thousands of dollars on a website or try to build one yourself. With websites starting at only $499, we like to say, “Don’t spend your time building a website when you should be focused on building your business!”

Our website prices start at only $499 and most are priced below $800, depending on the design you choose.


We take pride in our work and we want you to proudly show off your website. Together, we will choose a professional design that perfectly suits your needs – all complimented by our expert guidance, to keep the process simple for you.

Contact us today to set up your free consultation!

Michelle Renee – Owner & Lead Web Developer

Phone: 303-960-0670





The Book Shepherd – Judith Briles guide 8122 S. Quatar Cir. Aurora CO, 80016 Phone: 303-885-2207 eMail: Website: Services: Author/Book/Writing coaching and shepherding, creating Author Platforms, Write a Book in 4 Weeks!, Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged, Publishing at Sea Conference in January For NonFiction authors (and authors-to-be) … the new theme for books today is that short is the new black … the non-fiction reader wants shorter books—books that can be read on a short plane ride, within two hours. If you are a non-fiction writer, how would you like to write your book in just four weeks? The Book Shepherd – Judith Briles, showing you how to make your writing books connect with your audience. Congratulations … your book is the start of something big.  Judith teaches a special in-person 4-week class in Denver , Colorado and will launch an online course in the fall of 2015. JB Unplugged 2015 logo sheepie guy writeslide-pub-at-sea-2016-800x203