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How to Have a Successful Book Launch

PURPLE Let copyAll books need a send-off. Dr. Judith Briles will demonstrate a variety of strategies to kick your book off to the start it needs to build the buzz, bring in the buyers and brand you as the “go to” expert.

Book Launching is exciting. It can also be exhausting and overwhelming. The grand news, especially for the indie and self-publishing author, is that book-launching can now be created as a “serial” activity. Get ready to add JUICE to you and your book to create a buzz your book deserves.




The Secrets of Getting Reviews on Amazon

amazon-reviewsAmazon has changed the “rules” again for obtaining and posting book reviews. Get the insight and updates from Dr. Judith Briles as she shares what authors need to know, what approach to take and how to work with these new guidelines from Amazon.




Marketing Your Audio Book Video

Richard Rieman is an Audible Approved Audiobook narrator, audiobook producer, professionally trained Voice Actor, and author of “The Author’s Guide to AudioBook Creation.” Richard shares ideas and tips on audiobooks and how authors may market them.




How to Work with Bookstores – the Tattered Cover Tells all

image011The Tattered Cover Tells All with Len Vlahos, the new owner of the Tattered Cover. He’s here for the AuthorU community to present an in-depth program on what’s happen at the Tattered Cover and how authors can work with them and get featured.








Get Your Brag On

If you can’t sell yourself, you can’t sell your product, service, idea or book.

  • Do you want to sell more books?
  • Do you want to schedule more presentations?
  • Do you want to your book to inspire others?

It’s time for you to get your brag on. Many people don’t like to brag. We’ve been taught since we were kids that it’s wrong, egotistical and no one cares. Another myth is that if you are a good person and do good deeds (and, are a best-seller), others will naturally talk about you in a positive manner!

The truth? If you can’t sell yourself, you can’t sell your product, service, idea or book! The other truth? No one will do it for you! The third truth? People enjoy reading books that are written by authors that know how to share their brag statements!

In this session, you will learn the five amazing steps on how to brag in a business-savvy manner.

  • Create brag factors that make a positive difference
  • Develop the confidence to brag
  • Use your brag statements to sell more books and book more presentation



Get Noticed on LinkedIn

Viveka von Rosen, LinkedIn and How to Get Noticed! (Brag: She’s one of Forbes top 50 social media guru’s!)

LinkedIn: Your Map Social Selling Expertise

This engaging and interactive presentation will cover the Social Selling Strategies that transform LinkedIn from a Rolodex on steroids to a publicity machine for authors, speakers, and consultants! Each attendee will walk away with the strategies needed to:

  • Position Yourself to Attract the Right Viewers
  • Efficiently Search and Find Media and PR Leads on LinkedIn
  • Reach Out and Connect with Media and PR Leads
  • Manage Your Prospects on LinkedIn
  • Stay Top of Mind with Media and PR Leads using LinkedIn

This presentation will reveal steps and strategies you must take to start generating more leads, engage more effectively with your network and close more deals using LinkedIn.

Viveka von Rosen is internationally known as the “LinkedIn Expert” and is an author of 2 best-selling books on LinkedIn. As a contributing expert to LinkedIn’s blog, she’s often called on to contribute to publications like Forbes, Money, Entrepreneur, etc. She has taken the business knowledge she has perfected over the past 10+ years and transformed it into engaging and informational training, providing over 100K+ people the tools and strategies they need to succeed on LinkedIn. She’s one of Forbes Top 20 Most Influential!




Create a Thunder to Sell Your Book

How You Can “Create a Thunder” to Sell Your Book

After spending a year working on my book, I proudly held the physical proof in my hand. As I began planning the official book launch, I was introduced to a cool online marketing tool that helped me achieve a broader reach – broader than I could have ever imagined.

This cost-effective marketing tool helps you “create a thunder” as your announcement travels across social networks. It resulted in my book having a social reach of more than 1.4 million viewers and ranking in Amazon’s Top 10.

The good news? You can do this too when launching your book!

  • Create a buzz around your book before it launches.
  • Amplify your message across social media.
  • Build your social reach without asking your network to dip into their wallets.
  • Launch a thunderous online campaign in 3 simple steps.
  • Design an attention-grabbing graphics even if you’re not an artist.

Debra Jason is an author of the award-winning book,Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget™, Debra Jason is also a speaker, copywriter, and multi-faceted marketing mentor. A recipient of the Boulder Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business of the Year Award, she started The Write Direction in 1989. Her mission is to empower you with the cost-effective marketing strategies you need to gain exposure for your book so that you attract a steady stream of happy readers.




Increasing Sales Through Twitter

Increasing Sales through Twitter

Looking to increase book sales through the use of social media, more specifically, Twitter? We will start with the basics & learn the language of Twitter. Building a Twitter Tribe is key to increasing your exposure on the platform, we will walk through engagement and follower tips & tools. As with all marketing, you need a plan, learn how to create a winning content & engagement strategy for Twitter to help you increase your online sales.

  • Twitter Talk – Learning the Language
  • Building Your Twitter Tribe
  • Creating a Winning Strategy for Twitter
  • Twitter Tips & Tools
  • Increasing Sales through Twitter

Erin Cell is a social media strategist, consultant & speaker who is passionate about helping businesses (and authors) understand the power of social media. She has helped thousands of authors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and executives improve their online presence while saving them time and money. She is the mastermind behind the inaugural Social Media Day Denver event in partnership with the Colorado Women in Social Media. She speaks regularly around the Denver area to a variety of groups, including SCORE Denver, Polka Dot Powerhouse, Denver Start-up Week, and hosts her own Social Success Club Meetup.




Sharpen up your writing with Hollywood’s premier comedy writer.

Whether you’re writing a novel, short story, a comedy screenplay, working on a sitcom script, or producing or directing a comedy film, Steve Kaplan has been the industry’s most sought-after expert when it comes to comedy. From the industry’s top stars to first time comedy writers producers directors and performers, Steve Kaplan has worked with and developed the best.

The proven and practical methods and principles contained in his famed Comedy Intensive course reveals the hidden tools and principles that help you understand comedy from the inside out. Steve Kaplan is a master in Hollywood comedy and will delve into the sometimes elusive art of writing comedy. He’ll will explore this potent and popular form by distilling its basic principles, bringing them into the lingo and jargon you get … and can use. Combining hands-on writing exercises with story analysis and other interactive activities, this one-day event will help you find your own comic voice and offer guidelines on how to write humor with confidence, honesty and clarity.

Here’s Steve on Why Most Romantic Comedies Suck.




Author Rights, Copyrights and Trademarks Video

Knowing our rights and when to call an attorney is important as an author, publisher, vendor, and as a person. Many times we don’t understand how to read a contract and negotiate the details; use our own or others’ materials (think, pictures, diaries, etc.); and use copyrights or trademarks in our books, blog posts, and social media postings. This presentation provides a practical approach that can save you a lot of money, time and aggravation. (Real case studies used).