As an Author

The faster authors figure out that they need a platform, the better off they’ll be. Judith’s book is a comprehensive, compelling, and compassionate guide to this process. If every author would read this book, they would be much more likely to succeed.”

Guy Kawasaki

“Author You, by Dr. Judith Briles, is a gift to any aspiring writer. In what she calls “The Author You” model, she systematically maps out the steps in planning, writing and promoting a book.
Briles doesn’t just lecture. She drags the reader into the process with nineteen different activities that force a fledgling writer to, for lack of a better term, “find himself.” Why, for instance, are you writing this book and how are you and your book different from other writers in your genre? How much time and money can you devote to the book? Are you developing a platform? A unique website? If you want to sell a lot of books, what’s your game plan? Who are the people you want to reach and what benefits does your book offer them? In short, she makes the author position himself, establish clear cut goals and the means to achieve them.

Briles, an award-winning author of 30 books, dynamically describes how develop a brand, distinguish the author and the book from the pack. She emphasizes the need for having a clear vision, a solid commitment and lots of passion about what the writer is doing. And her section on social media tools and how best to use them is in itself worth the price of the book.

I published my first novel last year and I wish I’d read Author You before I did. It would have saved me time, effort and money. There are probably 100 mistakes you can make in launching and promoting a book and I made 99 of them – some multiple times. Had I read Briles’ book, I would have avoided all or most of them. ”

Frank Victoria

“Judith Briles is the go-to person when it comes to writing, publishing and marketing your book. She helped me with my book, Relationship Rules, and it won a first place award right out the gate!!! It is because of Judith’s guidance and knowledge that myself and others can write a quality book with successful book sales. Know what you are doing, know what you want and do it with the least amount of effort and cost! Get this book if you have an interest in publishing what is near and dear to your heart.”

Janice Hoffman

“I have never seen this type of format before. I must say, I found it so friendly and I felt like she was standing behind me while I was thinking through the beginning process of writing. Haven’t started yet, but the fear is gone!”


“The information is presented in a easy to read and understand format. Good reading for someone wanting to publish a book.”

Barb Warner

“This is definitely a work book. There are pages with just a couple of questions on them, with a bunch of blank lines to write in. This is good, if that’s what you want. But it means there’s less content in the book. And honestly, I didn’t find the questions all that helpful. Perhaps if this was the FIRST book I read upon deciding I wanted to write my own book, and I was BRAND NEW to writing and publishing, it MIGHT have been more helpful.

It also seems to be more for authors going the traditional publisher route… not as much for the self-published authors out there… like me, maybe that’s why I didn’t find it particularly helpful or insightful.

All in all, ok, but not worth the money for me personally.”

Sarah Noel

“Judith Briles, the Book Shepherd, is an expert in both traditional and modern self-publishing. She helped me self-publish my first book by guiding me through all the steps found in Author YOU. Author YOU is an excellent progress journal for new writers who are working towards a salable manuscript.”

Wicked Goodies

“Dr. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd for a reason! She has written an easy-to-use, comprehensive and interactive workbook that provides a ‘business proposal for the serious writer’ who wants to take a creative idea, publish it and build in a plan for its success! Written in an engaging manner, Dr. Briles’ vision, passion and commitment make this a must-have book for writers of all stages of development!”


“I’ve known Judith for years and time and time again I see her educating and inspiring authors to be the best. This book is a fabulous guide and a *must* for anyone looking to publish. Over the years I’ve seen so many writers forget that publishing is a business and yet I see so many authors publishing their book without a clue as to what it takes to really be successful. I loved this book not just because of the information, but the voice, too. You can really “hear” Judith guiding you along the way – and she pulls no punches. Judith never dances around issues she addresses them head-on with insight, wit and always helpful. I will recommend this book to our authors and soon-to-be publishers. Don’t even consider publishing without it!”

Penny C. Sansevieri

“Dr. Judith Briles’ latest book, Author YOU, is a truly helpful, step-by-step guide on figuring out what an author platform IS and then making it happen in a big way. As a writer and creative soul myself, I love the wonderful colors, whimsical illustrations, and friendly layout. This book makes it fun to navigate the complex world of building your author platform and then making your book a true success. Highly recommended.”

Melody Jones

“Judith Briles has created a must have book for authors who need knowledge and support during the challenging journey of a book creation. There is so much to learn from this book, it’s a necessity for every budding and veteran author!”

D Maroney

“Do you have a book in you? If so, this book will help you get it written and more importantly, sold.
Author You: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms by Dr. Judith Briles is a how-to-write-and-sell-a book kind of book. Dr. Briles literally holds your hand until you get it done.

“Millions of books are published in all formats each year” writes Dr. Briles. “A great majority should have stayed in the desk drawer.”

Well she should know. Dr. Briles is the author of 30 books, and I cannot make this stuff up. But her real expertise is that she has probably guided more than 3,000 to publishing.

What is the difference between a great idea, and a great book? How do you know if your idea will sell? How do you even get started?

What I love about Dr. Briles’ new book is that she tackles all of these concepts at once. First of all, you might have an idea, but most importantly you must create your platform. If a book is written and never sells, then you have been a bear who pooped in the woods or a tree that fell in the forest. It didn’t even happen.

Author You helps you build your platform. What makes you special or an expert? What makes your book unique? Author You guides you through the process of conceptualizing your book, how it will be positioned, and then helps you complete it. It’s one third inspiration, two thirds workbook, and all business to get you published.

If you have a book in you, do not hesitate. You can get started now with this giant volume of expert advice. You can carry Dr. Briles with you until you write your own dreams come true.”

Michelle Marchildon

“Judith Briles is a master of the craft of writing, speaking, publishing, and shepherding authors.
I have attended her excellent workshops and Extravaganzas and learned much. Now she has placed her wisdom built on years of experience in the speaking and writing trenches into a highly readable, most entertaining, and wonderfully practical volume. She wisely speaks to your author platform and your book platform, so regardless of where you are in the writing or book-marketing process, you will find nuggets here.

For me I have highlighted much text and dog-earred pages in the latter chapters covering social media and the internet. Those sections are helping us build our marketing platform for our book (“Triple Crown Leadership”).

For others the early chapters will be useful on your author platform from passion to vision to the village of colleagues you will want to get your message to you target audience.

All you need is here in one compact, colorful, fun-filled journey through author-land, guided by a warm-hearted expert. Judith has done it again.”

Robert Vanourek

“Judith Briles has created a practical roadmap for both first-time and experienced authors. She provides direction and insight drawn from her vast publishing experience. Then she involves the reader by asking questions and providing exercises to clarify his or her thinking. Reading and using this book will save much time and create a more focused and better book. I wish I’d had it years ago when I began writing. If you want to write a book, or you want the next book you write to be better, I recommend you read Author You.”

Mark Sanborn

“Dr. Judith Briles is an incredible woman with more experience in the book world than just about anyone I’ve ever met. I work with authors and have been in this world for years too. This book is an absolute MUST for anyone who is thinking about writing a book, or is mid-stage of developing their book, or even has already published their book and just want to learn how to sell it! Being an author in this day and age is tricky business. AuthorYOU is a comprehensive, gorgeous book which supports you in elevating your platform and building a thriving career around your book.”

Amber Ludwig

“Bookselling is a competitive endeavor and success begins with starting with a good product. Author You is complete, current and packed with information that every author must have to create a book that will sell.”

Brian Jud

“I purchased two books; one for myself and sent one to a friend who lives in Nevada. We’re creating a long-distance book-writing club to keep each other motivated while writing our books! This awesome book is a joy to read and follow, like the “Book Shepard”, Judith Briles. I love the full-color illustrations!”

Jacqueline Birdsall

“As I writer, I didn’t think of myself as visual until I read Judith Briles’ book. Now I see why the author chose the landscape format and the great illustrations–to show and tell the story of how you get from place to place on your book-writing journey.

The book walks you through the steps of identifying your goals and creating a strategy, then executing the plan.

In the past I was missing the map that this book provides. Seeing isn’t just believing and understanding, it’s grasping the whole process in a digestible way. I’m going back and rereading the book again. I’m filling in the workbook sections–which took some thinking and were a great, get-real, exercise. Bravo, for this essential book! I look forward to the next book on launching a book.”

Lynne Farrow

“I just received my copy of Judith Briles’ “Author You” book in the mail. I was immediately delighted by its happy cover and ‘user friendly’ pages with questions she asks authors and room for their answers. Questions to tap into their dreams, their purpose before they start writing.

I went through the book cover to cover and here’s what I have to admit: That when I met Judith Briles 2 years ago I should have gotten to know her more and learned her methodology.

Writing a book for the first time is like trying to start a successful business in a new country where you don’t speak the language. I am grateful that I had many great people that showed up along the way to help me, but reading “Author You” would have taught me the language before I started. The journey has been hard for me, yet rewarding. However, I certainly feel that if I had read “Author You” at the start, I would have better known the road ahead. I may have saved myself lots of money and lots of heartaches on the journey.

I have no regrets and I am very grateful to have a beautiful and inspiring book. However, many people people now come to me and ask how they may turn their vision into a book. The answer will be simple. I’ll tell them “Get a copy of ‘Author You,’ by Judith Briles then we’ll talk.”

Sandra Champlain

“Author You is an exceptional work that opens up a whole new world for the author. When we first met Dr. Judith Briles we were amazed at the information and her ability to share it with authors that are in the dark about how to write, how to publish, how to build platform, and how to utilize all the tools available through all the various venues. The learning curve is steep, but it is well worth the work. We have published a book through the process of what we have learned from Author You. Judith Briles has outdone herself with this book, and anyone who reads it will not only understand the journey of the the writer–it will find you with a new title: Author and Publisher. Sharon Worrell, co-author of Sexual Addiction–One Couple’s Journey to Discover the Strategies for Healing.”

Gary & Sharon Worrell

“There’s something enabling about prompted discovery that leaves you feeling that the discovery is personal and inspired. Judith Briles knows the questions that prompt the author to reach deep to discover and develop their platform by developing their strengths and face their fears and short-comings. This is a workbook for the serious author.”

Courtney Miller

“AUTHOR YOU is written in a language everyone can understand. I suggest reading it through first to be introduced to all the concepts included about creating your message, building a platform, getting all your ideas clarified in your mind. Then go back and re-read, being sure you can answer the thought-provoking questions she poses for you.

AUTHOR YOU is written about–and focuses–on YOU.”

Parachuting Publishing

“As a publicity expert, I wish I had a nickel for every author I know who has taken five years to write a book and blown through their life’s savings on expensive coaches, publicists, editors and more, and then had little to show for it. I’d buy every one of them Judith Briles’ book “Author U–Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms.”

Judith brings a wealth of experience as a book shepherd and creator of the wildly successful annual event “Author U,” where she teaches experienced and novice authors how to get the book of their dreams down on paper, and sell it! She encourages them to KEEP selling it instead of abandoning the marketing campaign a few months after it’s published (a major mistake many authors make). I love the specific activities in Author You that Judith has built around the process of publishing. Authors don’t have to guess what to do next.”

Joan Stewart

“If you have ever struggled with the myriad of decisions involved in writing a book, bring it to life, getting it on the book shelf and actually making money from it, this book and Judith Briles is your answer. She takes you through the process and inspires the best possible solutions. Each book has a different “life” she doesn’t have cookie-cuter solutions. She details the steps of how to bring a book to the book shelf. I highly recommend this title. You will wonder why you didn’t have it to being with.”

Rebecca Finkel

“Judith Briles has been teaching me about self publishing for almost 10 years. She is the most creative and smartest person I know in the entire book publishing industry. This book will help you to see what I see in this amazing woman. Buy it today!”

Mike McQueen

“Judith Briles is a huge supporter of writers and authors and has written a book that can change how we work, write, launch and even live. THIS is a must read and a great investment.”

Mary Agnes Antonopoulos

“Judith Briles is the consumate book publishing professionals. She know all the ins and outs of the business. Read this book and you’ll save yourself a ton of headaches and save a lot of money and you won’t waste a lot of time when you create your book. This book is a must read.”

PR Leads

“I am familiar with Judith’s work and must confess to already being a bit biased. That being said, this book has blown me away. You won’t find better direction, instruction and full proof methodology, and all presented in such a unique and wildly creative way. It has “Judith” written all over it! Not only will this book get you where you want to go as a successful author, you will have a blast getting there! Kudos to this talented writer, gifted coach and top notch book shepherd for sharing all that she knows to help others achieve their dreams. LOVED, loved this offering!”


“Judith Briles has more than 25 years in writing and publishing. This book gives you so much great information about how to make it as a successful writer and author. You won’t be disappointed.”

Maryanna Young

“Author You” is an incredible and highly essential resource for any author and publisher wanting to build a powerful platform for their work. Judith Briles has created a magical process to help you create the book you always wanted to write, publish it profitably and launch it more successfully than you can even imagine.”

Dick Bruso

“As a former NY Times bestselling literary agent (now author consultant), I wish more authors would read books like this. Author YOU is a great resource for authors of all genres – fiction, nonfiction, and children’s books – that want to self-publish or get a traditional publisher. If you want to be taken seriously as an author and build your platform, add this book to your library. It will give you a tremendous competitive advantage.”

Mark Malatesta

“Dr. Judith Briles has spent years as a notable mainstream author and a self-published author, has interviewed dozens of successful authors, and has been coach to legions of budding authors. In short, she know exactly what makes for an effective author and book platform and reveals all in “About You.”

Jeff Davidson

“It is a very confusing world for authors today and Author YOU is a shining light of guidance for authors who are looking to make an effort to make their book a success. You will be more than pleased to get your copy.”

Sharyn Abbott

“Judith Briles has many best-sellers to her name, but more important, her many clients have published wonderful books and are building their own success as authors. More than a how-to, Author YOU guides a prospective author through the process of building her own unique business plan for creating a meaningful book and publishing experience. This no-nonsense approach equips emerging authors with the guidance needed to refine their individual value propositions and gives them the tools and resources needed to take an idea from the back of the envelope to the bookstore.

The series of exercises in Author YOU is like a personal consultation session with Judith Briles, who has helped birth hundreds of books in her career. Briles gets specific, talking about everything from costs of publishing to social media tactics. It is of great practical use.

The downside of purchasing Author YOU? You’ll have no excuses for NOT pursuing your book project!”

M. Packard

“Judith is such a consulting pro and publishing industry leader that you cannot go wrong with her 30th book. Expecting a book to sell without a platform is like getting on a plane for Phoenix and expecting to land in New York–it’s just not going to happen.

If you follow this book’s advice and Judith’s creative approach to platforms, the days beyond your book’s launch will be rich with possibility.”

Stephanie Barko

“Authors can scour the Internet for articles and try to piece together a plan from various bits of advice; they can hire consultants; they can buy other books, but if they want to end up with a fully executable, complete publishing and marketing plan, what they really need is this “step-by-step” guide and workbook to put it all into place.

Judith Briles delivers 30+ years of publishing experience in-between two covers. Woven around 22 Activities, illustrated and four-color throughout, Author YOU: Creating and Building Your Author and Book Platforms is the guide and workbook designed for Authors at every level.

Authors should do themselves a favor and use this fabulous resource to educate themselves about the ENTIRE process before getting started.”

Amy Collins Vermont Book Girl

“I had 30 years of successful nonprofit experience that needed to be shared. But I didn’t know how to get it from my head and cabinet full of notes into a format that others could use. I didn’t know how to create and distribute a book.

The Author You platform was the answer to all my book questions! Author You is jam-packed with Judith Briles immeasurable expertise. This is a guidebook, a workbook and a volume of wisdom and encouragement.

I find myself recommending this book almost daily. What a treasure!”

Debbie Wilde

“Judith Briles brings her vast experience helping authors to get published successfully to her latest book. Author YOU presents exactly the information you need to know about creating an author platform, and does so in a way that anyone can follow along and understand. If you’re just getting started in the big world of self-publishing and want to know how you can kick your efforts into a new level, get this book and follow its lessons.

This is a colorful and practical book that doubles as a workbook, with exercises to guide you through the sometimes confusing world of marketing your book. Recommended.”

Joel Friedlander

“Judith Briles has mapped out a comprehensive plan to take authors from A-Z in getting their idea to market: the RIGHT market. And that makes all the difference. As the author of 46 books myself, I know how much writing and authorship have changed. The burden of marketing has shifted from the mainstream publishing houses to the authors themselves. That’s why finding the RIGHT market from the get-go is of paramount importance. Selling books—not just writing them—is the name of today’s game.

From problem, to platform, to published, Judith knows the ropes, resources, and road to save you time, money, and headaches. I’ve watched her succeed for 25 years. Author U will be her next bestseller.”

Dianna Booher

“Dr. Judith Briles has written a serious book about becoming a published author with a twist of humor and clever wit. Briles has written over 30 books, teaching workshops on publishing since 1984. For the last 10 years she has been shepherding budding authors through the maze of getting published. Author YOU is an enchanting book–one that addresses the serious subject of creating an author platform and a book business empire.

Visually, this book draws you in to the world of self-publishing with ease and clear directions. You can’t help but smile at the BookShepherd sheep as it leads you around the road blocks on the way to victory. The graphic black faced sheep pulls you forward while dancing down the road towards success. This book may be the quintessential how-to book for the writer who wants to get published.

Author YOU offers clear steps for development of a vision, a passion, and a plan. It prepares you to create your game plan for process, completion, and marketing success. There are cautionary tales of predators and misdirected focus. There are even some aspects of Six Sigma integrated into the process, but offered as an easy to understand way of book mapping. Strategies for addressing resistance and writing blocks are presented by the BookShepherd sheep. This is a must have book for anyone who wants to write, get published and have fun in the process.”

A.J. White

“I had the privilege of reading Dr. Judith Briles’ new book “Author YOU: Creating and Building the Author and Book Platforms” recently and can honestly say this is probably the best book I’ve ever read on authorship.

Judith leads you step-by-step through the process in an entertaining style that we should all aspire to with our own works. She is clearly a master of the craft and any aspiring author should read this book.”

Bret Ridgway