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“You were the ideal kickoff for the Castle Rock Writers. Your presentation was tremendous and our members raved about it.”

-Alice Aldridge, Founder

“Dr. Judith Briles provided the exact information our authors needed to elevate their platforms and hone their marketing plans. Whether you’re just starting out on your marketing journey or a published pro, I strongly recommend using Dr. Briles’ wisdom to elevate your promotion skills to the next level.”

-Brooke Hartman, President & Conference Chair, Alaska Writers Guild

You received incredibly high marks from everyone; definitely a star of our show. Thank you again for your participation.

-Vic DiGenti, Florida Writers Conference 

“Judith Briles was not only a phenomenal keynote speaker for our organization, but she wowed our members with three presentations that left them inspired and motivated to learn more about the publishing industry. Best of all, she spent individual time with many of our members talking to them about their books. Judith is a first-class act all around.”

– Tyler Tichelaar, Ph.D. and President of the Upper Peninsula Publishers and Authors Association

“In April 2016, we launched a new program: Authors Marketing Event and there was no better person to help us launch it than Dr. Judith Briles.  Her down-home style and overwhelming knowledge of the publishing world helped us set the tone for a great and successful event.  Judith freely shared her knowledge with attendees while giving valuable insights and understanding the authors who enjoyed her talking and her insights.”

“Judith Briles is a wonderful speaker for any event and we look forward to having her back in the near future.”

Alan Bourgeois Director/Founder/Authors Texas Authors, Inc.

“As the opening speaker, your energy set the tone. It was uplifting and demonstrated to all of us that even with obstacles, that anything can be accomplished with perseverance and attitude. One of the nuggets so many commented on: it’s OK to break the rules. With your closing session, it was absolutely fabulous … the perfect, uplifting ending to our conference.”

-AuthorU Extravaganza Board of Directors

“You were amazing … and we want you back!”

-Las Vegas Writers Conference

Once again, you were the top rated speaker. Your publishing insight and humor carried all us through three days of amazing content.

AuthorU Extravaganza Board of Directors

“You were a true professional. I have only great feedback concerning your presentation and your encouragement to writers and their projects. My greatest hope is that a couple of writers take advantage of this opportunity with you and that they then embrace the success that all writers crave.”

Thank you for all you did to make this a successful conference,

Herbert Piekow, Director
Lake Chapala Writers Conference, Ajijic, Mexico

“Your presentations were terrific at the Las Vegas Writers Conference. I learned more about writing and authoring in those three days than I did in the 20 years before I went blind! Of course, as you explained, the publishing industry has changed dramatically in the past 15 years or so.”

“I don’t mean to gush, but I just wanted to say thank you from Eileen and myself for your time and presentations last week. I hope that we can connect at another conference.”

Robert Sollars, Author

I can’t thank you enough for the wonderful training and opportunity of being there. I’ve come away with direction and full intent to succeed using as much of the valuable information you shared last week as possible.

I look forward to talking with you about our future collaboration on my book. – Lesa Weller   

Intense … Informative … Judith Answered my questions … Fun!Barbara Mertus Munyon

Fun … very informative … encouraging I loved everything!Sandi Ruther

Colorful Brain Jam! Jake Williams

Focused direction … inspiration … and lots of sheer wisdom.Ari Kopel

This was good … nice people for learning and putting into practice the ideas for my project. Andi Phillips

Great–gave good material to act on now. The plan for Crowdfunding was fantastic!Sharon Worrell

This was so worthwhile and helpful–I came away with so much on my “to do” list. Thank You! Joyce Sawyer

Intense … Inspiration … Useful… big takeaway was book launches and how to think about them as well as focusing on social media.Chuck Fischer

A lot of extremely valuable information.Kim McConnell

I loved the creative energy and the high use of visuals. I learned so much in the past two days that my head is swimming. Very dynamic—I loved it! This is the best publishing conference I’ve attended. – Pat Morgan, Tennessee

I came back for the second year and came away with more information and more content than I could imagine. Two days of Judith’s vast knowledge is an awesome experience! It was over my expectations where were already high.Rhondda Hartman, Colorado

Insightful, thorough, humorous, touching, fascinating, educating, loving, caring, EXPERTISE! I truly, truly enjoyed it—thank you!Heather Elliott, Canada

WOW … information overload!Courtney Miller, Colorado

Very informative … there is a no holds giving of info and sharing her experience. Judith is extremely energetic, knowledgeable and fun.Benny Kjaer, New Mexico

Judith Briles Unplugged fully met my expectations … it was informing and delivered with high energy. – Gary Worrell, Colorado

I loved Judith’s off the cuff brainstorming of ideas … this was a week’s class handled in two days.Della Temple, Colorado

A stimulating program, crammed with very practical advice and wonderful humor. Inspirational! Herb Jacobs, Colorado

A great way to keep a lot of information organized; it was personal and intimate—I know what I don’t know and I’m going to fix it.Julie Griffin, Colorado

Judith Briles Unplugged was was beyond my expectations. Love it!Kathleen Flanagan, Colorado

I don’t believe that one or two sentences would do this conference justice … it was way off the charts!Greg Hickman, Texas

Zippy, Zappy, Zeowy! Fun energy! I got sucked into her vortex and I didn’t want to leave! This surpassed my expectations. – Claryss Nan Jamieson, Hong Kong