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Judith’s Publishing Quiz

Publishing your own book is work. It’s not for everyone. Before you set out on the path, ask yourself a few questions. Below are my Big 14-questions that you need to ask yourself, and answer.

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Creating a Copyright Page

One of the most common questions that authors ask is about the copyright page and what should my copyright page look like? Read this article for the answer.

Don’t Get Your Book Lost . . . Get in BookScan Now

If there are any bookstore sales, it’s trackable. If you are planning to push your book sales via the cyber stores, i.e., Amazon, iPad, B&N, it’s trackable. Get your name and book out there so that you get recorded as having sales. Sales that come directly from you or on your website definitely go to the bank account and you know how many books are sold, but no one else does. This is one of the key steps that most self-published and independent authors consistently by-pass. Don’t. Get visible on BookScan.

Get Your LCCN (Library of Congress Catalog Control Number)

One question that most authors don’t know to ask is, “How do I get the LCCN?” What’s a LCCN? Good question-it’s the Library of Congress number that shows that you exist, and the one that any library that you are pitching your book to wants to know you have.

How to Get Your ISBN for Your Book

One of the most common questions the about-to-publish author asks: “Where do I get my ISBN?” Excellent question!

Sample Copyright Pages

One of the most common questions that authors ask is, “What should a Copyright page look like?” The answer: They vary. Some publishers have a variety of data on them; others simplify them. What you want them to contain is basic info, disclaimers, how to contact publisher (that could be you), copyright year, who owns it, ISBN, LCCN-or a statement that it is in the Library of Congress database), publishing categories that your book falls in and country it is printed in. You may want to include the publishing company logo on the page. Sometimes, the creative team is identified: book designer, editor, etc.