5 Ways Your bank Can Help You Sell More Books

One of the best ways to sell books is to do a book signing or author event at your local library because libraries are publicity machines.

I was reminded of that recently when I visited the Grafton, Wisc., branch of U.S. Bank where I do my banking. While standing in the short line waiting for a teller, I saw a poster and bookmarks advertising a book signing for New York Times best-selling author Elizabeth Berg. The event is at the U.S.S. Memorial Public Library in Grafton.

The author is from the Chicago area and she’s on a book tour to promote “Make Someone Happy.” I helped myself to a bookmark in the plastic display stand. On the drive home, I started thinking of all the ways banks can help you sell more books or products.

Here’s my list. It doesn’t apply only to authors but to anyone selling products or services.

1. If you’re doing a book signing or event at your local library, let the library know where you do your banking.

Several banks might be willing to put your marketing materials on display. But you might have better luck at the branch where you do business. After all, you’re a loyal customer, right?

2. Ask if you can use their community room.

Several banks have community rooms they let people use for free. If the room is big enough, you can do a free class and sell your products afterward. Make sure the class offers value. It should be more than just a free commercial for your product. If they say yes, ask the bank to promote the event on social media, and you do the same.

3. Ask for a short article in their print or email newsletter.

Make it easy for them. Write it yourself. If they don’t have room for a long article, write a short tips list.

4. Ask them to post a flyer on their bulletin board.

My bank has flyers for a wide variety of community events.

5. Ask for envelope stuffers.

Banks mail materials to their customers frequently. If you’re willing to pay for a marketing piece about your event at their bank, they might be willing to insert it inside envelopes along with other materials they’re sending anyway.

The next time you’re inside your bank, look around for other opportunities to partner with them. When they say yes to your request, make sure you share information about it in places like Facebook and Twitter. Tag the bank so they know you’re promoting them.

What have I missed? What other ways can banks help publicize you? go over to my blog here (link to http://bit.ly/2kfu23J more-books-products) and comment. I’d love to see your ideas.




Joan Stewart – Ashography

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