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Within  the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing weekly radio podcasts that I do, you will discover a myriad of tips, tricks, how-tos that will leap your book, author and publishing success factors significantly. Each show is fresh and topical–52 of them a year—information that authors at all stages of publishing are seeking. Whether it’s creation, production, or marketing strategies—you will discover and learn what the latest is to support your success. And I introduce you to who I think are “tops” in their consulting, advice, book production, author support—you name it field in and around all things BOOKS.


So … I have a few questions for you:

  •  Have you subscribed to the weekly AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing radio show that many of the top publishing service providers sponsor?
  • Did you know that it is carried on iTunes and you can subscribe here?
  • Did you know that every week, it has new content, new topics and a different expert guest?
  • And did you know that there are no repeats of any show when host Dr. Judith Briles is traveling, speaking at a writer’s conference, or it’s a “holiday”? She pre-records in advance if she can’t be in the studio during the “live” time slot. 

As this January came to a close, The Book Shepherd revisited some of the recent shows featured—the nuggets of within all produced “ahas” … things she didn’t know … and should be shouted out to all within the AuthorU community. Including:

IngramSpark has created a “backoffice” of power tools to support author, books and ebooks. Its new metadata base exceeds any other for spreading SEO power—don’t miss this podcast or enhancing your author and book discoverability. Featuring the “voice and wisdom of IngramSpark, Robin Cutler revealed what IS is doing to goose the success for authors in social media rankings. Listen in here:


An email list (even when small)ranks as the #1 marketing tool when it comes to selling boatloads of books. Publicity Hound Joan Stewart always comes loaded with a boatload of Quick tips and Essential tools for authors. Within this show focused on the power of building your email lists and Joan included a way to get one of her great Cheat Sheets: 10 Profitable Ways to Use eMail to Delight Your Fans. You want to listen in here to the Podcast: 


 All printers are not equal. Printing equipment varies and authors need to understand what they want and then ask the right questions as they reach out to printers for bids on their books. In this podcast, authors got the “inside scoop” from Tom Campbell, VP at King Printing—why copies of the native files should be obtained; what’s the latest in color; why it’s important to work with printers who don’t have to outsource part of your job; and so much more. Listen in here:


Author Success should be at the top of your list … what’s important is to make sure you define WHAT success is to you. Within this show, Judith has her favorite Geek Girl, Kelly Johnson on—between the two, they plowed through a trough of hot tips, tricks and how-tos for authors to use to propel them throughout 2016. Included were ideas and tools for:

  • pre marketing
  • how to use Amazon to “measure” your title
  • common misconceptions and misgivings that authors have and how to overcome them
  • cheat sheet ideas
  •  how to create the ideal book description to “grab” the reader
  • what you need NOW on your website

And so much more … it’s lessons learned from 2015 that will jumpstart your 2016 publishing success journey. Don’t miss it, listen here:

Your success factor in publishing and authoring will soar with the expert ahas and guidance that is only a click away. One of the best features about the AuthorU-Your Guide to Book Publishing show is that it’s not a pitch fest. Yes, it is sponsored and you do hear commercials during the breaks—commercials not just by anyone, but by publishing service providers who all get AuthorU’s “seal of approval”—consistently excellent feedback from authors who have used them along with impeccable customer service.





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