Creating the Speaking Tab for an Author’s Website

When I work with my Book Shepherd clients, websites are always part of our process. Speaking is the #1 to sell books … truckloads of them. When looking at an author’s existing website, or planning one from scratch, I ask:

What is missing—what should be added to enhance the speaking journey? And what does the author need to do to update to what is currently on it? 

What your website needs …
Within your website, you should have a dedicated TAB for Speaking and/or Consulting that rests along with your dashboard with the About, Services, Book/Store, Media, Blog, Contact, etc.

In no specific order, your Speaking section should have either a dropdown on the tab that identifies additional items within. It allows any meeting planner to quickly access if you are the “right fit” for their group.

As YOU, the Speaker …

About YOU—what brings you to the topic and your style of presenting.

Presentations—identify TITLE and if it is for a workshop or keynote as well as takeaways/benefits for the participants.

Calendar—identify STATE you will be in, maybe the name of the sponsoring group or if it’s private or open to the public.

Kudos—start gathering and post from both meetings planners and audience members—identify a name and title.

Such as:  As our keynote speaker, Martha Johnson created the perfect setting for our conference by revealing stunning facts, delighting us with her humor, and keeping all of us at the edge of our seats with her life-changing presentation. After it, all of us were buzzing. We want her back.”
                    -Sam Smith, CEO of Company
                    -Sam Smith, author of The Great American Novel
                    -Sam Smith, Attendee

Photos—both for programs and of you speaking in action.

One-Sheet—create one that can easily be printed out. Visually attractive—it’s a synopsis of kudos, contact, a few talk titles, and why you.

Video—include a few short clips of you presenting. Typically called a “reel” … think of it as a type of infomercial. Warning: a video is used to “eliminate” as well as “engage” a speaker.

Fun Facts—personalizes you … also can be placed on your ABOUT tab.

For Meeting Planners …

Introductions—customize for group or industry.

Special Needs—includes Setup, travel needs; or items not included in Contract.

Pre-questionnaire—delivers the stats of the potential attendees so you can better prep—such as anticipated audience size; the percentage of men to women; who has spoken to the group in the past; is there any topics to avoid … and to include; any inside humor you should know about, etc.

Contact—include your contact information: mobile phone, and email. Yes, you already have a CONTACT tab, but this is a “make it easy” for the planner. Don’t make them have to hunt for you.

Speaking is powerful. So is your website. It’s a happy marriage when co-join them with your marketing efforts. What’s in your website wallet? Time to do an update.


For over 30 years, I spoke in all 50 states, in 20 countries and met amazing women and men who enriched my life and work.

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