TODAY is the last day to grab your Amazon bestseller spot.

TODAY is the last day to register for my Create an Amazon Bestseller Campaign for Your eBook Online course. Available only to a limited number of participants starting this Wednesday, November 2 from 4 pm to 5.30 pm MT. All sessions are recorded for reference and in case you have to miss one. All dates are November 2, 9, 23, 30 – we are skipping the 16th due to a previous commitment of mine.

There are only two spots left. This “working lab” is kept limited in size so that I can work one-on-one with each participant, guiding them through the process.

Can you get results?

Can you grab #1 for more than an hour like many of these campaigns?

Yes, yes you can.


In each class, I also Guinea pig myself along with the rest of the participants who were setting up their books for a future campaign.

One of the “power” points of the How to Create an Amazon Best Seller is to set EVERYTHING up weeks in advance so authors can continue with whatever their routine is … a “set it and forget it” strategy … which was what I do for my own pushes. Last October 29-31, it dawned on me mid-morning on the 29th that I had planned the push out one of my books, How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo-Boos was published in 2016. It had been set up in my auto-scheduler … and I had forgotten this was the day—prepping on things I needed to have “done” because I would be away for a few days, having surgery early the following morning. Years later, I did the push-out for the eBook.

Bobby and I checked with my Amazon book detail page at 11 am on October 29th … here’s what popped up:

Oh my … that got my attention. I then asked my staff to do a follow-up randomly through the rest of the day and Friday and Saturday, as I headed to the hospital for surgery. Nothing else needed to be done, since all posts were already scheduled. From the time above and throughout the next two days, How to Avoid 101 Book Publishing Blunders, Bloopers & Boo-Boos earned ELEVEN #1 spots in ELEVEN different categories during the 72-hour campaign. A campaign that all social media posts were created weeks before and scheduled. My team did nothing but check in on the book detail page and take screenshots, forwarding them to me.

Results for the three days achieved:

#1 Bibliographies & Indexes
#1 Adult Christian Education
#1 Words & Language Reference
#1 Education & Reference
#1 Authorship
#1 Marketing
#1 Creative Self Help
#1 Writing Skills
#1 Publishing & Books                      
#1 Writing, Research & Publishing Guides  
#1 Reference  

OK … was it a fluke?

NOPE … absolutely not. I did it again for hubby John Maling’s kids’ book The Alphabet Menagerie in November and it nailed multiple #1 slots and for my When God Says NO book in February duplicating the #1 run. In March, ditto with John’s Have You Ever Held a Mountain? ALL the participants who have pushed out their books since September 2020 have nailed down multiple #1s as well PLUS downloaded thousands of books. Every one of them! Charlie Best and Cathy Connally grabbed 16 #1s for their new book, Flavours with Benefits-France this month, including Germany, France, UK, Australia, and Canada.

My system works … it works for fiction, nonfiction, and for children’s books. IT WORKS!

Some pooh-pooh Amazon bestseller status. Don’t. It does add credibility to your brag sheet. You can post on your details page on Amazon your achievement. You can write a press release. It will put a smile on your face. And who knows, you can fall in love with your book again and put energy behind it—bringing new life. That’s a good thing.


If you want to spend 90 minutes with me each Wednesday afternoon at 4 MT in the month of November, register NOW for How to Create an Amazon Best Seller. I would love to have you …


PSIf you are an Alumni of the Amazon Bestseller workshops, you can do a “repeat” at half price: $199 for each book—that means I will be supporting you with my own social media pushes through and shout-outs your next campaign as well versus you doing it as a solo. Interested? Call me to be added: 303-885-2207.

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