Author and Book Repurposing … Is It in Your Mix?

Last week, I was in Ajijic, Mexico speaking at the La Chapala Writer’s Conference over a four-day period plus travel days.  Forty-five writers and authors came together for an enthusiastic two intense days masterminded by Herbert Piekow. In addition, I had 23 one-on-one consults. Whew!

After being in Mexico—at least the touristy side—many times over the past two decades, Cancun and Cozumel became a big yawn for me. I’ve spent many days in Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and many of the major beach resort cities. With my annual cruise, it’s common to dock at the Cozumel and Cancun ports when the Caribbean is on our itinerary. For me, it has become a stay on the ship day—enjoying it; having quiet time; diving into writing for myself; working on a client’s manuscript (often telling them that they are traveling with me before I leave), or just reading and enjoying the sun. All things I love and actually look forward to.

Ajijic was different. I was in Central Mexico … about 30 minutes from Guadalajara. Touristy wasn’t where I was at—cobblestone streets, no Senior Frogs … I was experiencing a Mexico I hadn’t before and I was loving my experience. Walking the streets (only sandals or flat shoes are advised); loving the ambiance of the intimate restaurants; the visual delights and discoveries wherever I looked.


And the constant reminder of making do with what one has; the creative repurposing of everyday items and so much more. I loved the color vibrancy that my eyes feasted on … and of course, the weather was ideal and my morning chai—delicious.

Will I return to Ajijic? Oh yes … My host, Patsi Krakoff (master blogger extraordinaire) are already planning a two-day Book Marketing, Social Media and Hot Blogging event before summer passes. I can hardly wait. I already have favorite places I want to return to.

Which brings me to repurposing. I’m a repurposing of books, blogs, and other writings. I morph within my home the reuse of items. And, when I came across the reliving of dead trees in a variety of areas—along the streets and in central gathering places in town, I smiled with delight. I mean, why not get creative with a dead tree trunk and let your art form flow—would your back yard enjoy a unique, one of a kind sculpture?

What have you already written? Was it done for just one thing: a book, a blog, an article, or something that you had contributed to someone else’s blog, book or article? How about dusting it off … bring it back to life. How about using it to reseed an idea you are working on? How about pulling a section and doing a rewrite around it?

The bottom line doesn’t sit on something you have already done. Revisit it. Is it topical … can you pull a section or piece of it and tweak and create something new? I bet you can.



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