Authors Need Their Muse … What’s Yours?


In February, I spent several days on a barrier island off the Gulf of Florida—Palm Island. I knew that snow was expected at my home base in Denver while I was gone. Happy that the wet stuff was there, I was happier I was in the sun and surf. Why? … I had a project to do… a big project, one that I had planned on seeding.


I need sun … and flowing water. Both are my muses with water being the primary. Ice isn’t. I had major writing, and thinking—noodling to do. Another book in the works. A major book launch popping this month.

Oh, I was playing, it wasn’t all work. But I was also creating, seeing a dear friend … and working. I had got many clients who are in the final stages of their books being completed and off to print; I had clients who are at various stages of their author journeys; and I had the Author U Extravaganza bubbling to the surface for the first weekend in May–and now behind me–what a wonderful array of talent that the Extravaganza brings in each year.  I had plans to start a new company that would create a travel agency for authors and the Publishing at Sea Conference. And then there was the birthing of  the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame to be completed. Yes, I had a lot on my plate.

Juice is what I need. My Muse is the juice. For the author, it’s critical to know where your creative juices come from. It’s critical to know what your sources are that jump start you for any project that needs your full focus. In today’s multi-media, multi-stimulus, multi-choice world, it’s easy to get off track—the “squirrel factor.” Wham … in a nano-second, your attention can be distracted, your head pulled in an entirely different direction—it’s as if something, sometimes someone, is clicking a remote control in your head—pulling you every which way but in the direction you thought, or wanted, to go in.

The warrior author needs, must, know what is the driver behind his or her energy and feed it—the Juice. When it’s nourished, amazing things are accomplished. Completion of client’s book. A book launch planned and executed. Joint ventures with others to spread your message. Marketing plan put in place. My own new book started. Etc., etc.

Back to my island. Did I get the game plan for the Colorado Authors Hall of Fame put together? Yes. Did I come up with something that I hadn’t even thought about while my toes were in the sand and I was walking the beach looking for shark teeth (something I hadn’t even thought about until I was at the water’s edge? Yes— I was so focused, that the Authors Travel Agency came together and the Publishing at Sea conference with colleagues Amy Collins, Joan Steward, Georgia McCabe will be an annual event. Did I finish books for two clients while away, yes again … you see, sometimes, you need to remove yourself from your routines and get back to where your Juice really comes from … I’m ready to go back.

The muse

As the summer comes to a close, I will remove myself from the mountains of Colorado and head to the seas once again … I hear the siren calling.



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