15 Book Marketing and Book Selling Goosers for Authors

During COVID, authors need to be strategic in book marketing and book selling. Period. 

Bookselling in the COVID world and 2020 meant virtual bookselling options. Authors egos want to be featured in the main bookstore in their community … but, bookselling is way beyond the bookstore (it has always been)—in fact, bookstores are minor players for the great majority of authors today–especially the independent, small press and self-published author. 

Is there one true way to do market books? Nope, with the exception … do something–not just anything–something that the target marketing is receptive to. And that means YOU, the author need to do some homework. Who is the target? Where do they hang out? What are the needs, the problems … the pain … that needs to resolved?

To start the noodling process with these fifteen book marketing pushes:

1. You do have a website that is updated regularly, yes? One that you show at least “one feed”–such as Twitter, Facebook … something that does an instant update so that the SEO gods know that your site is not stagnant.

2. Yep, it makes sense to be on Facebook. It continues to grow–and change–by leaps and bounds. Start a group around your expertise. Do reshares to other groups and “like-minded” in your friend circle.

3. LinkedIn for business and nonfiction books can shine here plus create a Group around your expertise. 

4. Google … it’s Google, what else can I say? And the buzz is that Google+ is coming back as Google Connect. So, the question is–are you searchable? If an internet searcher puts your name in the magic Google search box–do you dominate the Google page?

5. Send out tweets on Twitter and use hashtags … and do it daily. If you have different hats of expertise, more than one Twitter account makes sense.

6, Hashtags are EVERYWHERE … have you updated the ones you use? And, are you using them in EVERY post you put out?

7. Create videos for YouTube and actively use your website.

8. Create images on posters using Canva, a great tool and there’s plenty of free options. Post them everywhere.

9. Instagram is hungry for images and hashtags PLUS it has become a seller for all types of books.

10. Pinterest has countless opportunities–using both images (always) and links for call to action.

11. Amazon has marketing services that add to the mix.

12. Sources like Bublish can add to your mix quickly, pushing out your cover and a short insight from your book–a great way to tease and share what you are thinking and what your book is about.

13. And don’t forget the Blog (yours and others) –“like” blogs can cross-promote and are a valuable tool. Your blog is essential–with the content you create, offer, and share–you build trust for followers who become your fans.

14. Google “book clubs” for your genre. Pitch to them. Offer to do a virtual gathering for their members.

15. Libraries are your friends. Have your reach out to them to do a virtual presentation? For their book clubs? For the kiddos? For what? Start locally, then expand your reach. Libraries have websites–go, go, go.

If you have a new book, make sure you get it posted, with the cover on your main pages within the resources mentioned above. You can get the word out about your books via participating on content sharing sites that would, in turn, be able to link back to you. Check out HubPages.com and Medium.com—post tips and tidbits—viewers will get used to seeing your name, reading your words and then, find your work.

Book marketing and bookselling … both very good things.

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