Book Publicity Freebie Ideas Webinar Today ONLY

You won’t find many free opportunities to pick my friend Joan Stewart’s brain. That’s why, if you’re writing a book, you won’t want to miss the chance tomorrow to let Joan, known as the Publicity Hound, help you generate publicity ideas.


Here’s how it works. Starting at 6 p.m. Eastern time, Joan will present about 30 minutes of her own general ideas for fiction and nonfiction. You’ll get a list of questions you can ask yourself well before you launch your book so you’re ready to start pitching. She will even suggest places to pitch. Register

Joan will also show you what other authors have done. Then she’ll let you ask for a few of her best ideas on how to publicize your book. If she doesn’t get to your question during the call, she’ll answer it afterward. Now here’s the really sweet deal. Joan won’t be the only one throwing ideas into the soup pot. Book publishing experts Amy Collins and Georgia McCabe along with myself will be on the line with her. So you get to pick not only one brain, but four.

Can you join us? This webinar is FREE and you may never have a chance like this again. If we have a lot of people on the call like I suspect we will, this is going to be a lightning fast bobsled run. So buckle up. Register now before all our brains are picked clean!

Here’s your link to register:  Register