Coming to work with Judith in CO? You got two days to save money

There are only 10 seats left … is one YOURS?

Join me in COLORADO for the first annual Book Marketing Unplugged event, a two-day intensive to help you develop your own unique marketing game plan along with creating and absorbing a kick-butt, yes I can do it, execution strategy. Starting on the first day. It’s a YES! I can do this info and fun-packed two-days. I’ll feed your mind, your energy … and yep, your belly, too!

Get ready to:

· Create a social media presence and power or an online star—that’s YOU!

· Develop a marketing strategy that raises YOU and YOU book above the crowd!

· Discover how to push out press releases that focus on YOU and YOUR book in an easy peasy way!

· Craft one-liners for YOU and YOUR book that draw eyeballs to YOU and YOUR book.

· Snapshot YOUR website to make sure it has the magnet power YOU and YOUR book desire and need.

· Construct a social media blitz for an entire month for YOUR book.

· Get 10 quick reviews for YOUR book and build an Amazon ad push.

· And much, MUCH, MUCH more …

All of which you’ll learn through “To-Do” activities, guaranteeing extraordinarily high-interaction from a myriad of ideas that my three decades of publishing and marketing books have generated.

If you have trouble pushing your brand, have too few social media contacts, if you aren’t finding an audience that “gets” your book, or struggle to find a reason WHY your book should be read, no problem! You will walk away with a clear plan and goal to get yourself out there and make yourself known!

Wait, wait, there’s more! YOU will be Hot-Seated! Everyone is … YOU and YOUR book will get coaching live from me.

WHERE: Hilton Denver Inverness in Englewood, Colorado

Hotel rate $139 disappears in 2 days—September 25th.
Book your hotel room now—stay in the “present”. I am.

Call 303-799-5800 now and use code AY10

WHEN: October 18-19

Register NOW... It’s $397 for First-Timers, and AuthorYOU VIP members will save $50 on the First Timers registration. Alumni of Unplugged Events will be charged $297. Rates increase next week for all slots–$50 for Alumni and $150 for first-timers.

Here’s the link for registration:

Early Bird rates disappear this week. Don’t be a tardy bird!