Continue celebrating my birthday week. I love the words in my book, Snappy Sassy Salty — sometimes fun!

Hello … I’m back–wowsa, what a fun day yesterday was … my usual coaching with authors in the morning (what a hoot—a chorus of voices from multiple states singing Happy Birthday – kind of together); writing the next day’s blogs for AuthorU and The Book Shepherd; participating in my guest radio spots for shows on the East Coast I do each Monday, and then the day started to morph. A girlfriend picked me up for lunch; material was selected for new drapes for my dining room; meeting with a smaller group of my new neighbors (24 came to our house on Sunday) to create a mission statement and scripts for the committee we are forming to do a little Gray Panther type of rebel rousing … and shopping. I found a cook Big Oink for my kitchen counter that is a chalkboard pig—I can write on his body what a guest dinner menu is! And I found a large, whimsical mirror for the bathroom remodel that will start in another week. I mean, doesn’t every home need a polka-dotted mirror?

My AuthorYOU book celebrated yesterday is one of my all-time favorites for so many reasons—building your author and book platforms creates the “bones” for your author success … today … I continue with another goodie of birthday celebrations and gifts to you.
And, as I say in each eBlast this week, you’re receiving this email because you’re one of my fantastic fans, an awesome friend, a family member, amazing client, a fun customer, someone who signed up on my website or just someone I took a shine to …
Some careers are strategically planned; others just seem to pop up with an OMG—yes, that’s me—it’s  often the cosmic goose that transitions me to do what I want to do,  what I was meant to be or maybe, doingMy declaration of my 6th career, Book Publishing Expert bumped my #3 Platform Speaker career that took me to multiple states every month—sometimes over 10—speaking to large and small groups on identifying and dealing with toxic people in the workplace within healthcare. It was my joy—I loved meeting so many and visiting every state and a variety of countries; I loved knowing that the tools I shared made a difference in their workplaces and their personal lives; and I loved it that so many books were sold onsite—whatever the site I was at.
That all changed In 2006, I had just completed a huge conference in Vancouver, BC with over 5,000 in attendance and was walking toward a ballroom to have dinner with the group. Within seconds, I was flat on my back. A “slip and fall”—a gob of vanilla ice cream or yogurt was on the white marble floor. My foot found it and the rest of what happened became a blur. The outcome was back and head issues. I couldn’t read for 18 months, At times, I could barely get up and walk. Traveling and being on the road become a major problem. I was a mess and every ounce of what physical and mental energy I had had to be directed to completing speaking contracts on my calendar. And, I had to figure out what I was going to do to support my family and get me back on track.

First, the massive amounts of travel had to stop. It was a long haul to get me physically and mentally up to where I had been and I salute the medical team that was with me and my many friends for their ongoing encouragement.

Second, a reality check was critical. Shouldn’t we all have to have a sit down—look in the mirror—and ask ourselves, What do I want to do the rest of my life?

It’s what I did and the answer was Judith, you love helping authors-to-be. You’ve been doing it since your first book came out in 1981; you’ve been doing it since you formed your own publishing company in 2000, and you’ve been doing it since you become involved with a small press publishing community in Colorado in 2002.
Hmmm, my avocation was soon to become my vocation … and I’ve never looked back. I love working with authors at all stages of their book creation and launch.
So, here’s to all of you … your stories, your journeys, your sharing have all become part of Career #6, the current love of my working life: Book Publishing Expert.

My gift to you today for being in my world is:

A Pass for Webinar Participation in:
How to Create the Ultimate Author One-Sheet Plan on 90 minutes with me LIVE as I walk you through supporting your author and marketing success. We authors need a One-Sheet … if fact, consider creating one for your book as well; for you as an author; your consulting or business expertise; for speaking … what else? There will be handouts, which you will receive before the webinar in March. All dates will be scheduled before the end of the month with a “backup makeup date” for those who miss. Of course, they will be recorded as well and the link will be sent to you.

If you choose, your gift to me is to get my book for yourself or someone who is interested in publishing: Snappy Sassy Salty-Wise Words for Authors & Writers … loaded with 101 things to do and avoid in a variety of author and publishing areas. As Book Shepherd client Joan McWilliams said when she got the book, “You are not going to believe where I keep it—in the bathroom. Each time I’m there, I get a new tip!” That email made me laugh and pick up the phone and told her, “You made my day!”

Order your copy here:

Next, email me a copy so I include your name and email in the webinar invite + add your name to the free drawing basket for a 3-day ticket to the June 22-24, 2017 Judith Briles Book Publishing Unplugged event.



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