The Book Shepherds: Curing Authoritis … Using Your Creativity to Heal Author Overwhelm

Have you ever stood in a downpour and tried to catch the rain, one drop at a time? The volume of falling water overwhelms even the most determined rain catcher.

Similarly, both first-time authors and seasoned ones freeze at their computers, overwhelmed by volumes of emails and social media strategies. They spend more time fretting than doing. Rather than being flexible with quick movements to grasp broader opportunities, their writing joints stiffen and become inflamed with frustration. They may even ask themselves, what was I thinking? I wanted to write a book, not spend my time on promotion. I’m an author, but this is a business.

Do you love your book, but struggle to find a social media strategy for getting it to stand out above the noise? Do you wonder why someone doesn’t just send you a big, fat check for your brilliant work?

Overwhelmed??If you answered yes to either of these questions, you could be suffering from Authoritis.

Sounds like a serious condition—better see a book shepherd. Or perhaps a little self-healing might be in order.

Unfortunately, no pill prevents or alleviates this dreaded condition. But there is a cure: it’s the creativity that produced your book in the first place and the methods on which you built your other successes. Now go out and play in the rain and find that rainbow.