Do You Want to BE the Go-To Expert in Your Field?

Are you the best kept secret in your field?expertWouldn’t it be great if you could write and publish a book that adds to your   credibility, expands your reach, and helps you get more clients? If you answered, “Yes!” then I’m   excited to invite you to an exclusive online workshop. That is F-R-E-E … Authorship is one of the most things that you can to do position, promote and   brand yourself. Starting this Monday, January 27, TWENTY of the world’s leading authorities on publishing, publicity, and marketing (including ME) are coming together online to teach you how to create a book that brings you credibility,   accolades, and clients.It’s absolutely FREE . . . and it’s happening right here—on your computer. It’s called FROM ENTREPRENEUR TO EXPERT and it’s being hosted by my colleague, Robin Colucci, master book writing coach and author of the newly released How to Write a Book That Sells You.Join Now!

Why do you want to join this event today? If you want a book that helps your business as a coach, consultant, CEO,  speaker, or any other type of authority, you must be seen and known as an expert–in your book as well as in your communication with clients, prospects, partners, and the media. This group of 20 speakers are top industry leaders who help entrepreneurs become known as premier experts in their own fields. We’ve come together to share with you how to…

  • You Write a book that connects to your ideal clients and makes them want to hire you. ü Use your book to help you gain access to media exposure—TV,  radio, and print.
  • You Develop stronger relationships with clients, prospects, and the media.
  • You Strengthen your expertise as you write.
  • You Stand out as THE go-to expert on your topic. You Find the right literary agent and publisher for your work.
  • You Build your list and followers fast.
  • You Capitalize on new advances in digital media to market your book.
  • You Sell more books on with the least effort.
  • And more…

Starting this Monday, January 27, you’ll learn first-hand from 20 experts like:

  • Michael Drew, the world’s top book promoter, who has a 100% success rate turning books into   New York Times (and other national list) bestsellers.
  • You won’t want to miss Jared  Rosen, CEO of DreamSculpt Media, Inc. will enlighten you as to how   you can use mini-edition media enhanced ebooks—you’ll get the future of digital   publishing and how to use it to enhance your brand.
  • Randy Peyser will give you the inside scoop you need to get an agent   and a publishing deal in today’s changing climate.
  • Ellen Violette reveals all in ebook land … and   you get a bonus of 3 of hers just for listening in.
  • Clint Arthur, multiple #1 bestselling author and founder of Celebrity Launchpad will share how to write the hook that makes you irresistible to TV.
  • Orvel Ray Wilson will deliver potent weapons in your Guerrilla Marketing arsenal. And you can deploy Guerrilla Marketing to promote and sell your book, while your book promotes and sells you. He’s been doing it for years as the original co-author in the Guerrilla series.
  • Judith Briles,   (that’s me!) founder of Author U and the author of 31 books is going to share   the 7 Deadly Sins Authors Make that hinder being seen as an expert and how to   avoid them.

Just a few of the voices that are   here to guide you and share inside how to’s in your quest to be the go-to   person in your field. It’s easy, and it’s F-R-E-E. How COOL is that?!

This global tele-summit event WILL …

· Open your mind to new possibilities for what you can gain by authoring a book
· Show you how to get better results faster with less effort in book sales, marketing, and getting publicity
· Give you leading edge insights into digital publishing, selling your books on
· Establish yourself as the authority in your niche
· Show you how to form long-term relationships with clients, power partners, and the media
· And much, much more…

Claim YOUR access now!

Remember, From Entrepreneur to Expert is brought to you at NO charge and all from the   comfort of your own computer—anywhere in the world. From Entrepreneur to Expert begins this Monday, January 27. Register today   and receive a free Bonus package with added gifts from the faculty worth more   than $1,000! My gift to you!

JBJudith Briles Best-selling   Author and Award Winning Author

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