Dr. Judith’s Saturday Blog – Be A Doer … Not a Dreamer

              Is your book cover a lighthouse beacon or a dead gnat?

Is your book cover a magnet?
Or is it a blob … just a plop plop and no fizz?

Does it say: Come to me … pick me up … look me over … buy me?
Or does it say … shout out … ho hum … look somewhere else?

The max of the seven-second eyeball grab—or less—means that your book marketing investment starts with your book cover. Did yours?

Don’t strike out before you even get the opportunity to swing the author bat. Your book cover deserves your attention and the attention of a professional cover designer.

And don’t do what most authors do … the great majority of time is spent on writing and nil on what will visually pull in the reader/book buyer.


Dr. Judith Briles is The Book Shepherd … Publishing  & Book Marketing Expert, Coach, Consultant … Author of 43 books including How to Avoid Book Publishing Blunders, her memoir When God Says NO, and her historical fiction debut The Secret Journey. Subscribe to her Tuesday and Saturday blogs on her website, https://TheBookShepherd.com.