Dr. Judith’s Saturday Blog – Be A Doer … Not a Dreamer

                                                                  Who and What Is It For? And When?

The smart author-to-be must embrace the Who and the What.

Who is the reader? Who am I writing for? What is my story? What concepts will I reveal? What will I solve? When do I want to have my book available?

Those simple questions, “Who and what is my book for? When do I want it available?” are essential to ask. And answer.

Questions that are often bypassed.

If you’re about to spend time and money and effort to create something, how will you know if it worked? What needs to happen to make it worth it?

Authors often avoid talking their books up with those it is intended for. Could that be you?

WHOWHAT … and then WHEN … when do you do the reveal? MARKETING should start in the beginning.

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