Embrace 10 ways to make this the best author and publishing word ever!

 10 Ways to Move from So-So Author to Sought Out Author!

What are your author and publishing expectations for this year? Have you thought about them? Have you written them down?

It’s a New Year … and it’s a month that resolutions are created, chewed on, and usually spit out. Either they don’t work. They are rejected. Or it’s easier to do the same thing you’ve always been doing.

How about something different? Such as:

  1. Launching a series and a writing career?
  2. Having true best-seller potential?
  3. Revising a limp book and relaunching a “new baby”?
  4. Revamping your branding and business look?
  5. Creating a live event to connect face-to-face with your fans?
  6. Creating an online event to reach across the cyber skies?
  7. Delivering a series of webinars to provide useful information?
  8. A mere calling card for their business or profession?
  9. Generating a way to become newsworthy?
  10. Producing a “consistency” plan to build followers, connect and engage them?

Yup, it’s a New Year … what are you going to do to move it from a so-so to OMG … it’s the best ever!?




Dr. Judith Briles is a book publishing expert and author of 36 multi-award books. She’s guided over 1,000 authors in creating their books, earned in excess of $3,000,000 in speaking fees based on her books and gathered over $2,000,000 in onsite book sales at her speaking gigs. Her latest book, How to Create a $1,000,000 Speech flips a difficult topic into a simple and easily comprehensible plan. If you want to get into speaking, this is the guide that will be the game-changer to success.




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