Finding the Right Job When Business is Broken

I’m a tad surprised with the mega responses and queries I’ve received about a recent column I did on job searches for the Denver Business Journal. Calls and emails from people from all over the country. There’s a variation of it in or you can read the full version at the Journal’s website.

The thrust is that Business is Broken … and the way to seek/search for a job is not writing a resume nor contacting HR. It’s all about creating a Value Proposition Letter and getting it into the right hands … namely, the CEO.

Your letter requires research on an industry you want to work in; a region or community you want to live in; the top three companies you would like to work for; and digging in and determining what’s hot (and not so hot) within each company.

Then you create the letter that specifically addresses the key issues where you have expertise. Identifying your skills and experiences that can solve a problem, grow a product and become a pivotal part of the team to take the company to their next level is the purpose of your Value Proposition Letter.

CEOs make decisions. Why not for you?